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Dear Warriors,

This is where I need your Help. I recently got an offer to buy one nifty Meta Search engine (file specific search).This is similar to likes of Filestube, Filesonic,ZShare etc. Extensive SEO was also done on this site. It had decent visitor count around ~35K and used to make decent money of around 2500$/Month. It was shut down for some time around 2 years for some personal issues.

1. Now my question is how much it is worth buying for?

2. Will there be any legal issues if we buy these File search sites, though it doesn't host any illegal or pirated files. It only links to them by searching those file hosting sites.?

3. As this was not live for some time, do i need to do SEO/Marketing from scratch again to get that much Traffic?

4. With recent Megaupload take down and SOPA/PIPA is the buzz around, is it really worth buying this Website?

Please share your views.

Thanks In Advance.
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    Fellow warriors, Please guide me.
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    I wouldn't touch a site that even linked to possibly copyrighted/pirated material. Sites are getting taken down for just linking. Criminal charges are also possible.
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    With all the governmental issues still in the works, you may be inviting trouble purchasing a site that may contain links to someone else's copyrighted material. The sites may not have anything there, but then again, they may. If they do, is it worth the hassles you may get for $2500 a month? I can think of a lot of less stressful way to make $2500 a month. Heck, you could make that amount in 2 weeks standing at a busy intersection with a "will work for food" sign in your hand. ;-)

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    Lot of warnings. Thank you for the advise...will definitely stay away from it.
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    I agree with everyone you need to be careful, I wouldn't want to deal with copyright infringement or anything that could cost you money and lawsuits.
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    Growing you own business with investment is better than everything.
    I suggest you make a plan first then invest on your plan what ever you want to invest on other project.

    First question, why the fellow wants to sell it if it works???
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      He has other businesses and also he himself doesn't want to be in the Grey Area after earning decent $$ for some time. I know its grey area but just thought of getting opinions from fellow experienced warriors. Thank you all for throwing light.
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