10 Strategies To Increase Website Traffic

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The following article is about how to increase your website traffic . I wrote this article yesterday and decided to share it to members of Warrior Forum as I think that this is the main problem that most webmasters encounter. I hope this article is helpful to the person reading it.

10 Strategies to Increase Website Traffic

Below are 10 strategies that I have written to help you increase your website traffic.

1. Create a website or blog with unique and quality content.
2. Add a tell a friend script. A tell a friend script allows your visitor to email their friend about your website if they like your website.
3. Design your site to be as simple as possible so that users can find what they want easily. If your website design is very complicated, users may be frustrated as they could not find what they want and thus may not visit your site in the future.
4. Submit all your webpages to the top three search engines. The top three search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Do not use an automated search engine submission service and do not buy services that say they can submit your website to hundreds of websites as the top three search engine hold 95% of the search engine market.
5. Keep track on news about changes in how search engines rank websites and modify all your webpages so as to maintain your search engine ranking.
6. Monitor authority websites in your niche to see what they are doing to get lots of traffic and try to emulate them. Do not copy their content or design as they could sue you for copyright infringement.
7. Give freebies to visitors that visit your website for the first time so that they can remember your website and visit it in the future or that they may tell their friends about your website and thus their friends may visit your website. The freebies may be an eBook, coupons, free reports etc.
8. Write articles related to your niche and submit them to article directories such as EzineArticles. Remember to include your website link in the resource box as this helps you to get more backlinks and thus more traffic from search engines.
9. Make sure that there are not too many broken links as your visitors would be annoyed when they keep seeing so many error 404 page and will certainly not return to your website
10. Be sure to update your website with unique and quality content so that visitors would come back to your website again.
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