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Hi Warriors,

I've got a new business idea that I'd love to seek advice and opinion from
all you fellow Warriors out there.

Long story short, I'm thinking of getting into the stock promotion business....
but with a twist.

You see, personally, I'm already trading microcap stocks i.e. stocks under $5.00 for a full time living...making pretty decent monthly income.

I'm now thinking of going into the stock promotion arena. Basically, stock promoters are people who, for a fee, promote the stock of a certain company to potential traders and investors.

Truth is, there's been a lot of scams and frauds around regarding stock this is where i come an ethical stock promoter.

Typically, stock promoters get paid in cash or stocks...sometimes even both. Hence, when they promote companies stocks, the price goes higher and these stock promoters cash out on the higher priced stocks by selling. This is absolutely illegal in the eyes of the SEC or FINRA.

However, accepting a cash fee for a sending out promotional mailers is absolutely legal. As long as the emails have disclaimers stating how much the promoters are paid, then there is no legal issue.

My idea, is to come in as a stock promoter, featuring only companies that are WORTH promoting. This means that even though I charge promotional fees, that doesnt mean that I will feature every company.

Companies that I promote and feature have to be of a certain criteria both fundamentally as well as technically (technical analysis). Only then will I accept payment and work with them to promote their stock. They need to be worthy of investor value before I even decide to accept their business.

Think of it as me being a picky stock promoter, featuring only the best companies that have solid growth potential in the long run.

In order to do this, I will need to spread the net wide.

I will register an LLC in Delaware and purchase maybe 5-10 cool sounding related domain names where I will set up a simple site with opt-in forms.

I will then promote these sites through the usual Internet Marketing methods such as SEO, PPC, ad banners etc etc

At the same time, I will market the parent company's services of Stock Investor Relations services.

Let me know what you guys think...

Mister Bryan

P.S: Please know that I will be doing this from outside of the US.
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