The Google site: function - What does it really tell us?

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When you go to google, you can find out what pages of your site or any other site are indexed.

For example you would type in:

to see what squidoo pages are indexed in google etc.

Perhaps this is not 100% accurate, but my question is whether google displays these results in any particular order. Does it put the most popular pages first or is it just random?

Has anyone got any ideas on this? I was wondering if it shed some hidden light on what google thinks about a site.

I also wanted to share this google link with you all. It shows the other special searches you can do at google:

Advanced Google Search Operators

Thank you.
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    Originally Posted by Traffic-Bug View Post

    There is no particular order of pages displayed by the site: operator. There is also an info: operator. The info: operator has a problem in that it does not update after the initial crawl. So if your site was first indexed on some date and you had some content that is the page that shows up - not the content that you have changed many times after taht.

    I was hoping you would say something like "It is in page popularity order" or something like that.

    It would have been a quick way to get valuable information on your own site and also others.

    But I guess that is why google doesn't do it that way. Too easy to see what competitors' pages are doing best from their site.

    There are other tools one can use, but I was wondering if there was a hidden meaning to the results.

    Thanks for your reply.
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