What am I doing wrong? NOT a whinge!

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Hi all,

I would really appreciate some constructive advice please.

I have written and submitted some articles to ezinearticles and goarticles over the past few days and submitted the urls to google. The articles are keyword optimised in the title and body using keywords researched through google's keyword tool.

My concern is, on checking just now, there have not been any views at all. I mean not one.

Am I missing something?

This is not intended to be a whine, I'm just trying to learn!

Thank you in advance for your replies.
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    Depends on the competition of the keywords, and amount of articles already under those keywords in the directory... You are not going to submit an article and get thousands of views overnight. I am not an expert on this however, as I gave up on article writing years ago. Not because I think it doesn't work, but because it wasn't something I enjoyed in my business. I found profitable methods outside of article writing that I enjoy and can work hard at every single day. I'm sure more experienced article writers will reply soon with more factors.
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      One would have to think that you're just not getting any traffic to your articles. It's just that simple.

      Unfortunately, this is not a "build it and they will come" business.

      You seriously need to evaluate if the articles are worth reading?

      Evaluate what traffic generation methods that you're employing?

      It's not as simple as submitting a few URLs and then thinking the gates will open and people will be tripping over each other to read your articles.

      If you're "new", take some time to educate yourself in the niche that you've chosen.

      Remember, in IM, there's front end and back end:

      There's the product and then there's all the back end skills that you need to get people to your product!
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    I found that a good place to research keywords for articles is scribd dot com. There is a truck load of articles and you can see which keywords are really driving traffic for articles. One thing I notice, from a KW perspective, is that if you don't start the title, I mean the first couple words, with your keyword, it doesn't do very well. That is just me, and it might just be chance
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