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Hi guys n gals.

Picture this, so to speak, if you will or can imagine.

God forbid this to ever happen to anyone, but, if you were to lose your home to a devastating catastrophe like fire or similar, that deprived you of all your past reference materials – office & all!
Meaning you lost all record of what you have now in business and on the internet.

Just imagine all that you have now is completely lost forever or wiped away for at least the next year, and your no better off than someone who is declared or registered as BANKRUPT!

This scenario includes no finance, credit cards or any source of revenue to buy programmes with.
You are starting again with nothing except the knowledge of what's in your head, and you have unlimited access to the internet for a couple of weeks, that a sympathetic friend has lent you.

With all of your experience and painstaking knowledge of "what not to do" built up over the years of being involved in making your success so far & up to the present time.
What would you do, go to, or take immediate action on to start generating income with on the web, from scratch?

I'm sure this would make a challenging TV series like “The Secret Millionaire” series that we've seen recently on UK Television.

Perhaps there's an EBOOK some nice person can point or link to.

Thanks in advance for any input whether good, or constructive criticism.

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A bit about me,
Have been self employed for last 25 years doing pinball machines & jukeboxes which has all mostly been ruined by cheap imported SHAGGED OUT junk from USSR & Asia & sold as 'pristine' on ebay.
I will not supply machines anymore, just repair the games I've supplied in the past & work is becoming slower to drying up altogether.
Am now 59 & worried about future stability income in UK.

Need to find income streams that won't cost the earth & without having a website to drain resources before getting started.

I have 2 niche area ebooks to write / publish / sell etc.
of which one is almost ready, but how do I write it in PDF, & is PDF the best & easily down-loadable.

Many grateful thanks to anyone who got this far down the post and appreciate any advice or replies however short or long they may be.

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