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Hi Guys.
This is my first post.
I have uploaded a video to you tube following the suggestions of another member.

I am using keynotes 08 on a mac pro and have made a slide show in key notes and used this programs send to you tube function.

However when I view the video at you tube, some of the timings are out by a few seconds any ideas,

Also some of the writing is blurred. Any ideas as to fonts and sizes to use?

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    Hey Paul, I've got a MacBook and I use the HD Movie to make slideshows for YouTube. Sorry to be dense but I don't know about keynote. I know YouTube uses a 4x3 screen ratio. I use the shinywhitebox iShowU ($29) for screen capture vids and import them into iMovie when needed. I can't think it's a font issue because I've used some pretty weird fonts. It's got to be some kind of setting somewhere in the software. Tried to help but know I didn't nail it for you. Good luck--let us know if you figure it out!

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