Don't tell me it's possible to do this with a YouTube video!

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In trying to learn how to sidestep the arduous, for the uninitiated like me, process of creating my own videos in order to get started video marketing, I keep coming across the same type of advice: find a high ranking video in my niche, one that does NOT have any link in the description, and offer to buy it from the creator.

I gather to those of you with experience in the craft of video marketing, this sounds obvious and as easy as riding a bike. But, to me, it only serves to throw me off.

Supposing I manage to contact a video creator who is willing to sell me their video, how do I take possession of it? After all, it's not as though it can be mailed to my home, right?

I figure that, if and when, a transaction takes place, I would probably be given the seller's log in information to said video. Am I on the right track? But then, what would prevent the same seller, who already knows the access info, from logging in again and screwing things up on the channel, in one way or another?

Or, after purchasing the video, will if be possible for me to transfer it to my own YouTube account somehow (I'm not exactly sure about how), thereby protecting my investment? Is this how a You Tube video purchase generally work?

Any help or advice would be genuinely appreciated.
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    Last year I sold my account to one of the big names in the mens dating niche. The whole thing was done over email. Once I received the payment I sent him an email with the log-in details and told him to change the password right away (so I wasn't held responsible for any changes).

    You'll have to be able to trust them enough to send a payment first. Personally if I was doing that I'd ask to talk with them over Skype or on the phone. Also check out Google and see what else they've done online.

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      I have never done this, but I am under the impression that you would purchase the entire channel from them.

      I have always seen it recommended that you look for channels that have not been updated in at least a year (to show a lacking of interest in it anymore).

      In agreeing with Dan above, it would be best to get to know them first and speak with them one-on-one. Possibly arrange to pay half now, and half later if you are able to strike up a conversation. Technically, you could type up a simple contract that you both could agree upon. There doesn't need to be technical jargon in it, just what you agree to and both sign it.
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    You can just rent link in description.
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