Two XSitePro2 questions...

by Markus Nimocks 4 replies
First, I just want to say how awesome the Warrior Forum is. So cool to be able to post a question and get so many great answers in a short period of time. I know I'm not telling you something you don't already know, but let's just all be thankful yet again for this resource!

Now, two quick XSP2 questions...

1) When working with a graphics guy for a site design, are there any tricks/special specs I need to give them?

2) I own DLGuard but have never installed it... but am about to. I'm specifically interested in the membership site features as well. Anything I need to know about integration with XSP2?

Thanks in advance!

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    For graphics, there shouldn't be a problem because you can adjust the size from html.

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    Hi Rich

    It really depends on what sort of graphics you want. If you're building an affiliate site, then you should layout your pages first, so that you know what dimensions you want your graphics to be (e.g. header, sidebar, footer etc.). As long as your designer stays within that remit, you should be fine.

    As for DL Guard, it's not something I've ever used, so I can't help you there, I'm afraid.

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      Hi Rich

      I create a lot of xsitepro graphics & I think I'm qualified to answer this one

      By graphics if you're just getting a header graphic made, should be no problem. If you are replacing the header in the existing template, you need to give your designer the dimensions of your existing header.

      If you're getting a new template designed ...well, that's a little different.

      First you should work with someone who designs website templates for xsitepro. This is because your new website design has to be sliced into segments that are used with Xsitepro.

      The designer should give you an .xse file. This is a file that has the new website design (template) already sliced and ready to import into xsitepro.

      Make sure you get the .psd files for your new template.

      I've run into cases where a customer had a website designed and looked great, however, the website designer did not have Xsitepro and wasn't able to slice it and create the necessary .xse file.

      Hope I made that clear enough.

      1. Designer must have Xsitepro
      2. Designer can create any Website Template.
      3. Template has to be sliced and created into a .xse file for import into Xsitepro
      4. Make sure you get the original .psd files from the designer.

      Regarding DLGuard.

      I'm sure you'll want to use a seperate ftp program to upload DLGuard to your host. Then it should be a simple matter of calling the necessary code into your Xsitepro site with php includes....need to check with Sam on that.

      Good luck,

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    Thanks for the replies, everyone. Scott, please check your PMs.
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