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Now, when we all start on a new venture or project, we're usually very hyped up. We create all sorts of plans to support our venture, and there's a million ideas running in our heads of how successful our venture could be. We then create plans for the sequel or other partnerships that could be forged when we are so engulfed by the thought of success.

So we get started, beginnings go smoothly, and we are enthusiastic. Slowly as time passes, we wear ourselves down, and we begin to give up hope. From here we begin a downward spiral, a vicious cycle. We begin to question the very project or venture we got into, and endless doubt fills our heads.

Sometimes, most of us feel like giving up, and the numbers do not lie. No one said the path would be easy. No one said it was going to be a smooth ride all the way.

Hey warriors, this is something I feel I'm going through now, and I don't know if I'm the only one or not. I feel like I've hit a block, and somehow mentally I can't think straight. But enough of my whining.

To all warriors, especially to those who feel like they're going through the same thing, do not give up hope!

I feel we must remember why we had gotten into Internet Marketing in the first place. Be it to be financially independent, or to gain more knowledge in this industry or even just to socialize and make a few bucks at the same time. Though it isn't much, this is my own little list of things I do when I feel discouraged, uninspired or just having plain old writer's block.

1) I keep a note of my goals and ambitions, not just in one notebook or a piece of paper. I literally write them everywhere until it's jammed right into my head. In front of my bed, in the toilet, or I'll paste it somewhere where I can see it when I'm using the computer. Knowing what you want, and reinforcing again and again fuels your desire to reach your goals, be it paying the rent, or buying a sports car.

2) I take some time off to read a book. It could be my favorite novel, the newspaper, a magazine or my personal favorite, Reader's Digest. It helps to keep the mind off the stress, and reading is therapeutic (at least for me, to quite an extent).

3) I listen to some of my favorite music hits, best if you have an iPod buddy My iPod touch was stolen last week but never mind that. Take a moment to relax in your recliner and start switching to your favorite tunes. It can be anything from jazz to classical, as long as it puts your mind at ease.

4) Get away from it all. The computer, the house, the television. Going for a jog is quite a good idea, since for me it kind of gives the brain a wake up jolt, thus making yourself more alert Usually a 5km jog does it for me. When I get back I'm more than ready to continue from where I last left off.

5) Talk to your family, friends, partners, anyone! Nothing puts off discouragement better than just finding someone you can trust to talk to, and just sharing your thoughts and what seems to be putting you down.

6) Take a nap. More than often we end up putting too much stress on our brains, and taking a short nap should help us "refresh" our brains and regain that much needed focus.

7) Start some detailed planning, break down your work into bits and pieces and start on them one step at a time. Make sure it's manageable, and that you put your whole heart into it, so when you're done, you take a step back, and the feeling of finally accomplishing the project is worth more than what words can describe.

7) Finally, just smile! After all, if you think about it, there are people who have been in the same predicament as you, and they survived, and became stronger in fact! So smile, and the world smiles with you Frown, and your wallet frowns too.

It's nothing much, but I do hope what I've written here has helped someone in one way or another.

Thank you for taking the time to see this and hearing me out

All the best to everyone's ventures!

Your good buddy,
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