After Years, Finally I Took Action...

by gary varga 13 replies
Good evening fellow Warriors!

I have been reading this forum since 2006, but I never took action. I promised myself that I will create a website on a topic Im interested in: Hybrid Cars.

Finally, I created my first web site! The URL is - The Most Useful Hybrid Car Resource Website

I will update the site on a daily basis, add new articles and features...

Could anybody help me promote this website?

Thank you so much!

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  • Profile picture of the author Jared Alberghini
    Great looking site Gary,

    I took a thorough look through, and see a good potential for you to monetize the site even more by promoting 'gas saving' info products... take a look at some at clickbank & other affiliate sites... there seem to be more and more of these 'gas saving tip products' appearing every day.

    I noticed one spelling error you should fix, on your Honda Accord page, 'fenomenal' should be spelled 'phenomenal'

    Other than that one tiny spelling error, I say congrats on taking action, and see a huge potential for your website to be a great resource.

    - Jared


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    • Profile picture of the author gary varga
      Jared, thank you for your suggestions! I will definitely try to promote some porducts from CB.

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      • Profile picture of the author Joe Giannetti
        Great site Gary but where is your free newsletter?

        I see your RRS feed.....

        You should be capturing e mail addresses and following up with them.....
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          Thank you Joe for mentioning the newsletter.
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          • Profile picture of the author Phil Jacobson
            I really like this post. Taking action is powerful. I can't wait to write a similar post of my own.


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            • Profile picture of the author Mohsin Rasool
              Hi Gary,

              Awesome website!
              It is great to know that finally you TOOK ACTION.
              Now do not let yourself loose this action phase,
              let the momentum build ....a surefire path to success :-)

              Best Wishes,
              Mohsin Rasool
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              • Profile picture of the author Sandor Verebi
                Hey Gary,

                Your site is nice, so your start is splendid. You have to take care that the continuation should be as good as we can see the start. I wish you perseverance to your future actions.



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                • Profile picture of the author gary varga
                  Moshin and Sandor, thanks for the nice words. I will definitely keep working on the site.

                  My concern is promoting the website. How do you guys market a brand new blog/website?

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                  • Profile picture of the author chip22
                    Congratulations Gary for taking action. You've picked a good niche. keep following through and you will have success.
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                  • Profile picture of the author MizzCindy
                    Congratulations on taking action!

                    You can start promoting your site by using article marketing and social bookmarking to create backlinks. This will help with Google search result position and lead to increased traffic.

                    Use the search feature on this site and the old one (old site: The Warrior Forum) to get up to speed on how to build backlinks.

                    Again, congratulations! Keep up the good work.
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                    • Profile picture of the author David Raybould
                      Congrats Gary,

                      The first action you ever take is always the hardest, so you're definitely in the right direction.

                      I would say with the site, that you may want to bring your top adsense box down a little. If you can put it in a place where the reader's eyes have to pass over it before going onto the next part you'll get more clicks.

                      Make sure you always stay aware of Google's Adsense TOS though. They'll close your account with no notice.

                      Hope that helps...

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                    • Profile picture of the author Don Schenk
                      Good job Gary.

                      The only problem I had while reading it was I found myself developing "hybrid envy" which was making my wallet scream in anticipated agony.

                      How about article marketing with articles about hybrids?

                      Hybrids and fuel saving are a hot topics right now. How about a press release to attract readers?

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                      • Profile picture of the author gary varga
                        Thank you guys again! There's definitely a lot to work on my website.

                        Cindy, I will try yo build some backlinks. I know they are also very important for the site's PR.

                        David, thanks for mentioning the placement of my Google Ad. Im going to try to implement it more "wisely".

                        Don, thanks for the comment. I planned to write some articles about hybrid cars and about topics related to hybrid cars. Can you answer one question for me: As a non-hybrid car owner, what articles would you like to read?

                        Thank you guys again. God bless you!

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