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Hi everyone,

I stumbled upon Warrior Forum last week - it appears the site has really got its finger on the pulse when it comes to IM. When I am myself more knowledgeable with IM I hope to post regularly on this site in the future.

At the moment I can't seem to 'see the wood from the tree'. So I am relying on your good natures to help with a couple of problems I have.

I'm currently looking at building a very simple website selling quality information on ebooks for breaking into the Parenting Niche Market.

I have already sourced an ebook that gives info on effective research techniques to source quality information. I also have an ebook on easy and effective email marketing that I can copy and paste info to put into reports, offer it for free on my website as bait to help me build a list.

However, all of a sudden I'm getting 'heebie-jeebies'! What if this is a dead market. What if the only thing online marketeers are interested in is the HTMMO Niche.

Do you guys think I am wasting my time here?

Also do you know of any free tools (I've had my hours cut at work so I am on a very tight budget!) I can use for help with most popular 'online marketing' google searches.

I'm especially interested in any free or cheap software that gives me genuine info and statistics on popular google / msn / yahoo searches.

I just need researchable proof that Parenting PLR is a genuine alternative niche market to the HTMMO niche.

Hope all this makes sense.:confused:

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    Just go here:


    And type in Parenting and I think you'll pretty quickly see that the parenting niche is not only popular but probably bigger than the MMO niche itself.



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      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for the google adwords link Andrew - wow this is a very popular niche! I've downloaded your free report - hopefully I'll find some info I can apply to my project.

      I think what I need to do is effectively brand myself as a leader for hungry prospects to break into this niche. Any advice anyone?

      Remember I am on a very tight budget!

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