Can someone recommend me a good pdf converter.

by Dal.K 14 replies
I'm after something which preserves hyperlinks. Hope you can help me out guys. Thanks.
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    I guess you need word to pdf converter. Try this free program called cutepdf writer. This is very simple program which creates new cutepdf printer, so you can convert any word document or image by printing as choosing cutepdf writer.

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    The latest version of OpenOffice will do it. - The Free and Open Productivity Suite
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    I second Open Office ..

    I just made 2 ebooks .. exporting them as PDF files is done with the click of a button. Really couldn't be easier. Good luck!
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    Yep, open office is the best way. And it's free.

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      I have recently used cuteftp for my latest video downloads and has taken me almost a whole day to upload a few dozen video. Might be my internet connection is a bit slow but I advise you to use other ftp converter aside from this one, saves you time.
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    Another good one is PrimoPDF.
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    Go on the home page of the warrior forum and download WF PDF converter. Our fearless leader Allen has purchased and customized a PDF converter for warriors right here. It's awesome.
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    I have yet to test WarriorPDF, but have tested PrimoPDF and several others, and Bullzip PDF always came out on top. - Free PDF Printer
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    the best choice is: adobe acrobat standard. you will not have any pdf problems anymore. however, it is not free.

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