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I read the thread that is up on this product (tried to post to it but I'm really to new I guess) but I'd like to know if anyone still uses this product and wouldn't mind posting a link to a site in WordPress that was built by it?
I'm a newbie and a traveling person that does work camping type of work and was thinking that this program is easy for a newbie to learn and could just fire it up while I was working and tweak it a bit then let it run to see what it would bring.
So I'd like to hear from some people that are happy with it or not happy or just used it for a while and gave it back, their reasons for giving it back, so on and so forth.

Lynn Ross
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    Let me give you a piece of advice. Anytime you see a product that tells you that a simple piece of software "changed their life forever" turn and run the other way. It's not even that some of these products don't offer something of value, but they put you in the failure mindset from the very beginning. They tell you that it's not your fault. It allows you to start pointing the finger at everyone else when you fail, like you inevitably will when that software fails for you as well. You need to purchase products, courses, and software that help you build your business, but don't promise to be your business. The single most important part of your success online is you... I guarantee that you will not simply fire it up, make some tweaks, let it run, and make money online. Just trying to save you time, energy, and money. I suggest you invest in some quality products, but that just isn't one of them.
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