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Hi, I'm curious to know how other Internet Marketers manage their online business with their home duties. How structured is your day? When you work from home and have the freedom to, say, do the laundry, whenever, and on the other side of the coin, since work is just a click away, end up getting sucked into screen so to speak, and ignore say, cleaning the bathroom, how do you balance home and work?
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    I have ADD too, but I've learned to control it - that is, I use it to my advance.

    I stop working every day at 1PM, and for 30 minutes I do the laundry, ironing and stuff, while my husband prepares our lunch. Cleaning? We are going to outsource that one. I can make more per hour working online than I have to pay for the vacuuming.

    For other ADD's: When I do the laundry and ironing, I always listen to podcasts at the same time. This saves my life ;-)
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