Finally Taking Real Action!

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Tonight I uploaded my very first podcast to a podcasting series, I just wanted to tell my warrior buddies that Im finally taking action and not being LAZY like usual! Its a great feeling and I hope everyone takes action and tells the community about it! it really motivates me when I see people telling the forum about what they have achieved and all. Thanks for listening warriors!
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    Sounds great make sure you keep it up and continue to work and take action =)
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    Congratulations on taking the plunge! Keep us posted with your success.

    All the best,
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      Keep up the great work buddy and keep us updated .
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    Great, don't forget to keep on to step 2, 3 4, . . . It's a series of actions that bring about success.
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    You've taken time to post 300+ posts but not taken any action at IM itself? : D Weird but congratulations anyway !
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    Congratulations and keep it up!

    I have found what works best for me is a list of things I am do to every day.

    It seems to be easier and also to go faster when I have a list and then check it off as I go. Of course, these tasks are part of a system once I developed a system that actually made money. To do tasks just for the sake of doing something may or may not help you so it is important to first find a system that works.

    Once you have a system, that is much easier.

    (Then once I was making more money, take each task and get a VA to do just that task.)

    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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    yeah posted my first ad online.... doing some different split test ads, and see what pulls better.

    Tonylee, good luck on your first testing.

    Your Friend,
    Richard Patterson
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    Very good start! Make sure you stick with it as most guys give up after it get's a bit harder or the stall. This is what's gonna separate you from the rest, keep pushing you're already further along then 98% of ppl that get into IM
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    Once you start taking action and start seeing some results, you'll be more motivated to take bigger action. Keep testing and adjusting along the way and step on the gas!!
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    I've finally got my 1st proper site up and running, a few kinks to work out but traffic is building incrementally and I'm really happy with it, now to find some people who want to use it for advertising.

    My new site is up and running, see how you too can use social media to create campaigns that go viral on Twitter and Facebook.

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    Congrats, I know the feeling you are experiencing. It is so easy to get lost in reading emails, posts, doing a thousand other things besides actually working.

    But when you do something productive you feel great afterwards..
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      Great Job! Its always exciting when you finally get something out there, keep it up!
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  • Great stuff. 2012 is my big year as well. Branching out into new ventures and keeping laser focused.

    Good luck!
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    A podcast, now that's something that you don't hear people jumping into as much around these parts. Congratulations on finally getting your voice out there and starting to make a difference in people's lives. Taking action is the first step towards making serious money in IM...Just keep the flame burning and don't slip back into your lazy, comfortable routine.

    You can make it work!
    Need an awesome ghostwriter to fill in for you?

    Check out
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      Nice one. Just make sure you keep it up.

      I also started taking proper action a few weeks ago after 6 months of learning and testing.

      I'm going to stick with this 1 site now forever.
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    Good work! Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually you'll get to where you want to go.
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    Well you just said the T word, UM MAH!!! LOL

    But, you have to be commended as about 93% of people fail online cause they never get round to taking action. Actually those stats might even be higher than 93%.

    good job, and Good luck.
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