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It is no secret that you can not make money online if you are not driving traffic to your site.So i have decided to list some of the ways i market my business.This is to help some of the new internet marketers out there.
1 Exchange traffic :Trading ezine , Newsletter ads , Joint ventures and Exchanging blog posts
2 Generate traffic : Article writting, Search engine optimization, Mailing out press releases, Submitting to directories , Emaing your list , Social networking ..
3 Paid traffic PPC advertising , Renting opt-in email lists , banner ads and text ads.

These are just a few ways to market your online business.i have found this combination highly successful.Bearing in mind that they are over a 1000 diffirent ways to market a business it all depands on the target market. another great way is forum marketing you can meet people who are actively seeking your services or product.All these forms of advertising take time to perfect . i recommend that you choose one and you master it . with most of these , do not expect to see results straight away , it takes time and as your skill level increase your results will become better also.
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