Software vs VA: Which one do you chose?

by Adie
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I am thinking of hiring a virtual assistant who can manage my own sites (backlinking and SEO) while I am busy with other online business, but, I am also planning to buy some automation software like bookmarking demon, article marketing robot etc.

Which one do you think is more ideal? Buying software or hiring VA?
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    I think a good VA would definitely beat software. Have to balance cost with quality though, as someone that knows they're good may be charging more, and you don't want to shell out a huge amount as SEO can be sometimes random (in regards to ranking) and it takes many days if not weeks to see "real" results some times.
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      Not to long ago, I faced similar dilemma...

      I decided to go with software first, because hiring someone was scary.

      It didn't take long to realize that managing multiple "auto-softwares" was taking up all my time!

      As of recently, I hired a couple of VAs to run my different softwares for me, and have been able to focus on other projects... I spend a lot less time telling my VAs 'what to do' than I did 'doing it myself'
      >though I do still spend time 'checking up on them'- I'm still working on my trust issues


      As I grow, I am now contemplating hiring a VA to manage my other VAs.
      >finding someone who 'gets it' and can do more for me along the lines of being 'intuitive' to my needs, rather than ONLY follow orders (do this/ do that type instructions) is my goal for this next step of growth.

      >> If I could go back: I would still go for the softwares first, but I would definitely have hired VAs to run them a lot sooner.

      >>> I should also state: that now, when I am deciding on a new 'auto-software', I think: can I just hand this off and not even bother taking the time to learn and do it?

      My ultimate goal is to do less and achieve more results.

      I hope this post was useful

      Mel Kryger
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        Why choose? Use both!


        My company offers virtual assistant & ghostwriting services. For some clients, we are hired to use their software tools to do their work. And for other clients, we are hired to use our software tools' accounts to do the work, depending upon the TOS for each tool.

        By hiring VAs or ghostwriters "WITH" the software tools, you get experienced people who keep up to date as the tools evolve, just an added FYI there. For instance, BMR (BuildMyRank)now take 5 words min. in a title.

        Hint: Mel is right, too: get a team or one who manages, too, when you can. Teams are best so you are covered during sickness, vacations, etc. and don't have gaps.

        So hey, use both!

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    I am also wondering the same question but more in the regards of ordering gigs (WF, fiverr) VS. software. From what I am gathering it seems that the cost would pretty much be the same for someone that wants to gather backlinks to about 4-6 sites - or it can even be more money you did it yourself.

    Keep in mind that if you get automation software there are additional costs involved (captcha's, proxies, vp, etc.)
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    Thanks a lot for all useful comments. I think I should go with VA.

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    I think do both maybe is better. You need to find a reputable virtual assistant and a good software for doing the process.

    Because if you missed doing this maybe your website get a red flag and look like spammer in the Search engine and you will destroy your website as result of bad behaviors that others are responsible for them not you.

    So be careful when you decide to hire someone, use software, or doing both
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      Hi Adie,

      I hired a VA. Hiring a VA is better than buying software. You can outsource your repetitive and time consuming work to your VA. For example, list building, doing SEO work such as backlinking and keyword research. You can also let them make articles, submit articles and perform customer service work. This would also depend on your VA's experience or you can train them.

      What's great about having your own VA is that if you want something modified, you can TALK to them unlike with SOFTWARES.

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    how much an article will cost?
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      Originally Posted by nohypo View Post

      how much an article will cost?
      I think you are in the wrong thread...

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    I guess software. Not everything can be done by a software but if you know how to use it well then its nothing like it.

    Moreover the VA will be using the software himself so its better you do it yourself.

    Hire VA only for things the software cant handle.
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    If you can have them both, then you should. It depends on your budget too.

    Some IM'ers hire VA's in order to handle their automation softwares.

    I have tried last time also that my employer asked me if I could find a good software that will help us in our SEO. I gave him the name of the software and he bought it. He let me study the software and eventually used it.

    More power to you!

    Louie Tugas
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    If you really want to be able to get your hands of some sites when working on others, I recommend a VA, software always has to get intention to work good.

    If you instruct a good VA what to do, you don't need to spend your attention to those sites anymore.

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    Good backlinking software can build a lot of backlinks. A good VA can write content for my website, update my blog, do keyword research, update my social media, and create a mini-net while using that software to create backlinks for me. I have both software and VAs but the work my VAs have done for me are the ones that have given me the greatest ROI.
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    Buy the software and then give it to the VA to use. That's probably the most efficient way to go about it.
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