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by Mr.S
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How do you conduct facebook contest? What software do you use? How do you know who performed the best and what do you take into account when deciding.

Thank you
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    Anybody doing facebook contest?
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    I've never tried a facebook contest. What are you using it for? Are you using it as a form to interact with your followers and drive them back to your website? You'd probably make more money with more traditional means of using facebook to drive traffic to your website.
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    I am doing it to create awareness of my website
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    Do you have a particular type of contest you would like to run? If you want to go simple, just do it in a post and ask for entries as replies. That will get a lot of interaction going and will increase the edgerank of your site.

    As for who performed best, what do you mean? Who won the contest? I guess that depends on how you define the winner. If it is subjective, you will pick the winner yourself. For example I ran a contest asking (in a post) for slogans to use on the fanpage and on a t-shirt. I got hundreds of entries and I select the slogans I liked best.

    There is tons of software out there (and I've run contests using apps), but I suggest you start by just doing a simple contest in a post.
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    The company that I intern for had some success with a "like us and enter to win a prize" type contest. We did not really use software, but we did invest in Facebook ads. would say go to Fiverr or something and get some graphics that make your page look appealing, and then start driving traffic to that page, while giving them an incentive to like. It is a basic marketing funnel that just has a Facebook page thrown in the mix. Even though getting likes may be hard, once you have them, you have a very unique marketing opportunity that can be very rewarding in the long run.
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    My goal is to reward people for action. If they spread the message across they should take credit for it so I need something that will track people's action. If john has 10,000 friends and he posts something on his wall and 200 people come to my page and like it I would like to know that it was John who send all the likes to my page. I hope that makes some more sense.

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    I would also be interested in something like that...

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    Wildfire app is great....worth every cent

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