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If you don't have this activated on your Wordpress Blog you need to do so.

It has automatically deleted hundreds of spam posts for me this month. It is pretty smart too. I did a quick look through of last month. 1958 spam posts were detected and automatically set for deletion. All were in fact spam. (Just from my cursory look through)

If I didn't have this thing installed I would probably turn comments off. And comments are quite valuable in some cases so I wouldn't want to do that.

Now if only there was an automated tool to round up those spammer and (insert your solution here.)
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    I agree Akismet is great for that. Too many spammy bots that leave comments that almost seem useful
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    Noticed there is a new update for it. Anyone know what that is about. Is it just a more effective version?
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    The fun thing is that you can also edit the comment so it isn't spam anymore and allow it afterwards. That way you get legit comments without the spam.

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    So far this little AMAZING tool has saved my main site form 22,000+ spam comments....

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