Is it worth buying YouTube likes/subscribers/views to boost search results?

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Hey Warriors, my first thread.

So, i have been making youtube videos for roughly 3 years, struggling to become a partner, however, it doesn't seem like it is working. I want to be a tech reviewer and talk about the stuff that i like and share my oppinions, just like Jon4lakers and Chris Pirrilo. Then, i thought, that i could buy fake traffic, eg. likes and views and maybe subscribers that really don't do anything other than get me up in the search results, to lead on the real audience.

Would that work out? Thanks in advance.
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    Try it and see. Your situation is unique to any other video marketer. The worst that will happen is you lose a little bit of money for testing. Marketers are like scientists. Test, track, tweak over and over until conversion.
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    I agree... Try it out and see. Trial and error.
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    Yeah, but you see, I am fifteen years old, soon sixteen, and my whole budget lies on 810 kr. which is directly converted to 143,39 USD. And as I don't have a permanent way of income yet (I start on my job in late-march) I am relying on that for all of my gadget expenses as well. So if something doesn't work out, i have quite a bit to lose.
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    Make sure you have good traffic, like the traffic of Vagex or something. I have good experience with that.

    Simple Stan

    "No man is taller than when he bends down to help another in need"

    - Simple Stan -

    Making the path to income in internet marketing less complicated and as easy as 1-2-3 !

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    I tried vagex but it didn't do a whole lot.
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