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I've had so many ideas the last few weeks, I can't decide where I'd like to start out in my internet empire; I just found myself registering a domain to start an amazon niche site. Doing something is more appealing than being here every day trying to figure out how to go about in IM, which is what I've been doing the past few weeks. Anyone else start out like I'm doing?
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    I sort of started like that - I just threw a bunch of balls up the air and would hope one landed. It may not work, and probably won't, but you'll learn a lot and the next project will be better. From that one, you'll learn just as much if not more and keep growing. Then, hopefully you'll find yourself running an increasingly-popular site whether it be a blog, e-Business, or otherwise, and you continue to expand from there.
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    Just make sure you don't get discouraged when you don't make sales right away. It takes lots of time if you don't want to pay for your traffic. If you build it and maintain it they will come. If you need help with SEO pm me

    If you want to make some quick cash and learn some valuable customers service skills you should try fiverr.com on the side.
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      Originally Posted by shuttercraft View Post

      Just make sure you don't get discouraged when you don't make sales right away. It takes lots of time if you don't want to pay for your traffic. If you build it and maintain it they will come. If you need help with SEO pm me
      Very true indeed... I know when I first revamped my website after learning some things on how to get traffic and so on, I was on top of the world in what I learned, that I expected sales almost instantly... and they didn't come at all. I was so discouraged, but I let the discouragement fuel me to read more, to learn more. After I put even more into action, some weeks later, I got my first sale. And then more slowly trickled through. And as I added more, more people came to the site as well.

      Shuttercraft is very much correct... don't let the discouragement stop you, let it fuel you and read more and do more. It won't grow overnight, but you'll eventually get to that first sale or two or three and that will be even more fuel to keep at it! All the best to you.
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        At least you're getting started...

        That's more than most people do so congrats.

        The only thing I would have to say is now that you have an Idea in mind and you have your domain, just stick with it.

        Don't stat something you won't finish.
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    lots of people or newbies fall into this trap.

    I could write a 2000 word post to tell you what to do, but still that would not help.

    Focus, and take action. Choose one thing and keep working it till you make money.

    there is more than enough info in here to get your started, and earning money.
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    Here's a quick idea: buy a solo-ad promotion and get about 200 people on your list (obviously you'll need an autoresponder account - Aweber is just $1 for the first month -, an opt-in page with some professional graphics - nothing too expensive, but of nice quality - and a plr product to give it away as an incentive).

    After that start doing ad-swaps and promote products which offer instant commissions (DigiResults, JVZoo, Warrior PRO etc).
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      As Celente said, many people begin life in IM this way.

      Here's where I'd start,

      1. Make a list of EVERY skill or talent you have. Can you write? Do you have sales experience? Are you very creative? Do you have great communication skills? Are you technical? Can you code? etc

      Some of those skills are probably very marketable, and in demand!

      The biggest piece of advice I'd give is, stop checking out all the different "systems" and "money making business models", and look at what you have to offer.

      You'll often find it'll be something people really need.

      You can worry about how to market and sell yourself later on.
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        Your advice cleared so much up for me, thanks a lot! I want to try things out, but what you said really had me thinking what I can offer and what I'm good at. I now have a direction to go, thanks again!
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          What ever direction you go - stick to it. Expect to fail. If and when you don't it will be a pleasant surprise. If you fail adjust your method (tweak it). When you succeed - run with it!

          All the Best.
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    I made the same mistake when i first started. I brain jumped all over the place, and i just ended up with all these different ideas on what people would want to buy. From the start i wish i would've stuck with one thing that i was knowledgable about, made it my main focus and not strayed from those thoughts. However, I learned a lot from my mistakes so im grateful for them.
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    I came across this a few days ago - can't remember who wrote it - but I found it helpful
    "How to make $5 a day - Quick summary
    1. Set a medium term income goal, in dollars per day. Write it on a post it note and
    place it in a spot that will ensure you will see it many times daily.
    2. Make a list of all the things you can possibly think of to earn $5 a day, that will
    take a week each to accomplish
    3. Each Monday, pick a new project from your list
    4. FOCUS on the project you picked, to the exclusion of as many distractions as
    5. Finish the project, evaluate the results.
    6. Add more potential projects to your list.
    7. Return to step 2 (lather, rinse, repeat)."
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    Persistance Pays!

    Give something a go..., a real go. And tweak as you go. Nothing usually turns out perfect on your first attempt, but you will learn new things while you are building your empire.

    At least you've taken the first step by registering a domain.
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    I answer threads like this with the same answer every time, simply because it works. Not only that but it's much more user friendly for someone that's just getting started. No worrying about SEO, backlinking, article writing, things like that.

    1. Build a Sales Funnel (Squeeze page, offer, follow up campaign)
    2. Spend all your efforts on getting people to your squeeze page (subscribers)

    Obviously there is a little more that goes into it, but you can make a lot of money this way, and you can do it quickly if you have some cash to invest up front. Most people ignore this and try to build 100 sites making $1 per day. I've quit trying to figure out why.
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    The most important thing to remember here is that you took ACTION. It may not be the best move, or you never know it could work out tremendously well. You will never know unless you try.

    Be prepared for a lot of work and for a roller coaster of success and failure. Hopefully you will have more success than others that start in IM and expect things to go quickly, easily, and confusion free.

    To answer you question, I would say that most start out like you and are not really sure which direction they are heading and just try to figure it out as they go. That was definitely me. I bought two domains to begin with and just started working from there. It was a tough way to go, but I have learned so much by studying and just taking action on what I felt was the right way to go.

    I wish you luck and many successes.
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      Even we all give this advise up front, do it anyway.

      Build a list first. All of the advise above is dead on.

      Most of us didn't start building lists until after we were
      in busines for a year or more. We left so much money
      on the table.

      Get started, build lits of different niches. Under promise
      and over deliver.

      Good luck.
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        Yes, I can relate to you.
        What worked for me was having someone build me a good sales funnel and then buying solo ads from reputable sellers. I made several sells for my oto.


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    Just focus on one thing and put all your efforts to it. Don't stop till you finally get your first sale. That's the way to do it rather than hopping around and always starting a new one.
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    I can definitely see where you are coming from on the sitting there not knowing what to do. Myself, I think I spent like $1200 in one month buying all the glitzy things thinking that was going to make me money. HAHA Pretty sad to think about but in all that buying frenzy, I bought into a mentorship program that rocks. The link is in my signature. I also bought an eBook call the Lost Blueprint that helped me understand the importance of a list and how to build one. Again the link to that is in my sig. These are things that really helped me and I stopped buying all the glitzy stuff. I have been at this now for 3 months and slowly building my business but I know I will conquer. Good luck. PM me if you have any questions.

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