What program was this video made with?

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I'm trying to make a sales video. Does anybody know what program this video was made with?


Thanks in advance.
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    Simply make a powerpoint presentation of whatever it is that you're selling and then use it in conjunction with Camtasia. Google "camtasia with powerpoint tutorial" and browse the first 3 results for specific further instructions.
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    If you don't have Powerpoint you can also make presentations with Open Office which is free
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      I was hoping to find the specific program that made this video. I've used Powerpoint before but liked the features in this video better. Anyone?
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    The video could have been made with any number of video creation tools.

    There's nothing special about it.

    You could use OO/Camstudio as a free option or Camtasia/Powerpoint as a paid option, or .......
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    After looking at the video my guess would be that this is made in Camstasia (paid version) as this is recognised as one of the leading video production tools.

    Like has been said, it could be one of many video tools but you would be able to create something like this with Camtasia. If you are looking to do videos on a regular basis this is well worth the investment.



    P.S. You could always try and ask Byran himself via FB or Skype on on the Warrior Forum here...I am sure he would be happy to help.
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    Camtasia is a great product and the only thing i use. Its worth getting!
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    I also suggest you like others to use "Camtasia". and you can also try "Adobe Premiere Elements 10". Premiere Elements 10 has an average set of functionality and tools for home users. The software is reliable and is reasonably simple to learn and use.
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    Looks like screen flow for mac to me. Cheers.
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    Yeah another thumbs up for Camatasia Studio here too. Why not try the 30 day free trial out?

    Free alternatives are CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software or Free screen recorder - BB FlashBack Express or Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing.

    Can't really say how good they are though becuse I've never used them myself.
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    You can basically create a video like this with plenty of software: Powerpoint presentation into a video, probably most of the video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Sony vegas, etc. Adobe After Effects, Flash. Camtasia as well like many suggested above.
    Doesn't really matter which software this particular video is made with, just pick one and create one yourself.
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