My New Internet Business Plan - Contributions please...

by tunity
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I signed up to the war room yesterday and I am a bit careful of digesting too much information that is not relevant to my plan for my online business.

I have noticed that there is a difference between building an Internet business and "making fast buck" on the internet.

I am interested in building an Internet business that will grow from the cradle to as much as $30,000 monthly and I'd like to build a strong foundation for it from the start.

So here's my plan....i'd like contributions from warriors who are really making money from running their own internet BUSINESS....not simply "making money" online.

Tools I have Currently:

a. I have hosting from hostgator

b. Autoresponder by Getresponse

c. Squeeze page templates downloaded from the war room - When I get paid from my job at the end of the month, I'll buy optimize press

d. War Room Membership

My current skills:

a. basic Web Design - I have enough knowledge to put up squeeze pages and use hosting

b. Autoresponder sequencing - I have had some experience creating follow up emails and putting forms on autoresponder pages

c. Product creation - I am very good at writing E-books, So far i have an idea of what to write about, I could organise into an E-book, turn it to PDF, and even password protect it.

However, I have not done much of videos as sometimes i consider my African accent a bit of barrier....however, I was once advise i could use powerpoint presentation and just read what is in the presentation.

My Weakness:

Red Hot Niche - I find it difficult understanding how to get niches. How to find out what people are willing to pay for if i create a product for it.

Now unto my plan:

Here's what my plan looks like:

Get prospect => Squeeze page => Send follow up emails => Make money

I plan on creating squeeze pages using the templates i got on the war room, get traffic to it through solo ads and adswaps....get my visitors to download my free report, then promote other products to them.

For a start, I am thinking of doing this in the IM niche as most solo ads list owners are in the IM niche.

What do you guys think of my plan?

I am thinking....would this be a viable model to run a business that can upscale to $30,000 once i get good at it.

I'll appreciate every suggestions, tools, tips and advise to improve on my plan. I am willing to do all the work....till i build a scalable business....
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    Those are techniques, not a plan. However you are on the right track of building a business model in terms of infrastructure, but you need a business.

    This would entail finding a need that is in high demand and creating something that will help the people with that need. That could be creating your own product or promoting someone else's/a series of products, but in the end you should think of it as developing a product no matter what.

    Because you will need to create something that provides value from an upfront offer to get people onto your list, to the sequence of newsletters, to how you communicate to them, branding your site, etc.

    This comes back to the one thing that is more important than all the tools or skills in the world..

    Finding a group of people who need something -- give it to them.
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    Thanks very much capitalalchemy. That is what I am trying so much to learn to do. Finding Hungry niche that will work.

    Any suggestions how to go about this?
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    to find a need would involve doing market research i guess. Any suggestions on tools i can use to do this???
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      As a first step I suggest you sign up with Linkshare. But Linkshare demands that you have a website of your own. Go to categories and click on Internet and online. Select the best products which pays you good commissions and apply for their affiliate's program. There are number of good products which are saleable provided you drive traffic to your website. Select, one product write a good review about it, post it as a blog and add your website url as your signature link and start participating in forums. The best way to participate in forums is to be invited by the discussions on the topic of your interest. In forums many things are being discussed and you will be wasting too much of your time searching for your topic. Instead, you can subscribe for some good threads. You will start getting any new discussion on this thread to your mail box as and when it happens and you will be prompted to participate in the discussion.

      Never make the mistake of participating in the discussion with a selfish motive of promoting your website. I did this mistake in the beginning and I learnt from my mistakes. Be open and participate with a mind to help others. You will be well respected by people going through your thread and then your signature will be automatically clicked by people thereafter.
      There are some free advertisement sites. I have a list of over 50 + which can be sent to you as an attachment. Because of your post count, you may not be able to pm me. Send a mail to quoting this discussion in the subject line and I will send you the list.

      Wish you a bright future in Internet Business.
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    You need to focus on the niche that you are passionate for to always being so motivated. Because you could make money in each niche.

    Have you tried Amazon kindle direct publishing; it's a way to make money through the kindle owner's as you know it's a huge market and you could make a good income if you provide valuable things.

    Have you participate in guru, elance and other similar websites.

    These are some further ideas I hope they help you and other warriors.
    Speedy Up - Jumping game that change your mood and put smile in your face :)
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    Don't plan out too much before you take action! We make these big elaborate plans all the time and they never go how we want them to. Start out building a strong foundation and then grow it from there.
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    You are on the right path here.. You can build, and scale a business with email marketing quickly as long as you have a good funnel created (squeeze page, offer, follow up). There are many people that base their entire online business on email marketing and building their list. This has become my primary focus as well, and I'm kicking myself for not doing it earlier. As far as finding a hungry niche... Health, wealth, relationships. I'm not sure if you are trying to discover "microniches" or anything like that, but it doesn't take any type of research tool to figure out that people want to make more money and lose weight, and spend a ton of money to find out how.
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      Well when I'm looking at market research I do a lot of things and take my time on it.

      Forums, blogs, magazines, trends, researching other products..

      What's more important is to listen to the conversations people have. Sometimes that will give you a unique take on a common niche, but other times it will just help you understand what they need.

      Just always ask yourself..

      1. Are people spending money here
      2. Are people crazy passionate about this thing
      3. Is it evergreen, or going to stay for a while.
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    I think the problem is you havent factored competition into your calculations. Other people are doing the same thing as you - so how are you going to win the sale instead of them?

    xResponsive Advertising Agency | Direct Marketing | Online Advertising | Create Breakthrough Campaigns for Your Business

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    Thanks everyone for your contributions.

    gvsridhar171, I'll send you an email tonight as i am responding from work.

    @meltingwaves, thanks for your advise, I'll try not to over plan....too much analysis is paralysis...isnt it?

    Mike Ogbin, I have read something about Kindle publishing, buit decided not to cram too much information into my head so as not to lose focus....

    Tech19, thanks for the reminder. I have read somewhere too that Health, Wealth and Relationships works. I was just looking at microniches....if possible....

    Capital alchemy, thanks for the parameters you've provided to determine if a niche is hot or not.

    maximus242, woul you be kind enough on how to stand out from competition. I do understand what you mean....but based on your experience...any tips on standing out???

    I know standing out from competitors could mean...better product, branded products etc......or a product that solves this what you mean????

    I'll be Working on my first squeeze page tonight.....after work.....

    Thanks everyone....your response gave me strength.
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    Ask yourself, how can I add greater value to my prospective customers life?

    xResponsive Advertising Agency | Direct Marketing | Online Advertising | Create Breakthrough Campaigns for Your Business

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      Originally Posted by maximus242 View Post

      Ask yourself, how can I add greater value to my prospective customers life?
      Good advice!

      I would also put it this way:

      It's not important what your product does, but what people do with it.

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