What is the authoritative Web site?

by spen
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Hi, guys
What is the authoritative Web site?
I do not know what an authority site?
what is standards of an authoritative web site?
Is Amazon an authoritative web site?
Has authoritative site a lot of backlinks? or high PR? or else?
Can you tell me?
Can I beat them?
I want to listen you guys advice.
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    Amazon is - sure. They're generally high PR, trustable, very regular content, an "authority" in a specific niche - people refer there for valid, "true" information. Can you beat them in terms of SEO? Sure. In terms of "trustworthiness"? You have some ways to go.
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    Page rank is the best indicator of an authority site. Page Rank is assigned to sites that provide great content, and resources that is not affiliate links.

    Another way to think of authority sites is sites like cnn, nbc, cbs, authority sites because of the content provided.

    Hope this helps.
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    Netbookreviews.net I think was the url. The one Chris Guthrie sold for 6 figures.
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    An authority site is a site that is acknowledged and trusted by search engines. They rank well and perfect for backlinking. It's definitely possible to beat them in rankings but beating them is tough. You're gonna have to put in a lot of time and work if you want to develop an authority site. Examples are Ezine, GoArticles, etc.
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