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Hey Warriors,

I just wanted to give you a quick little bit of info that has made a huge difference in my business.

I currently am selling an ebook I wrote on how to meet, attract, and seduce women.

Up until this week, I was getting very poor conversions. A friend of mine said "hey, your sales letter is pretty long. I'd put a "reserve my copy" button at various spots in it which links them down to the bottom where they can order"

So I went into my letter, and put simple hyper text at 4 key points that said "Reserve My Copy" and linked to the bottom where the order button is.

This simple change has quadrupled my conversions!!

So the lesson here?

TEST TEST TEST!!! and if your sales letter is long as heck, put a little hypertext saying "reserve my copy" after key points in the letter.

Once the buyer has heard what they want to hear (once you have solved their problem) they are ready to buy! Don't stall their impulses with the rest of your letter!

Also, it is important to make the distinction between a "reserve my copy" hypertext and an "ORDER HERE!!!!!" button.

People who aren't ready to buy yet will get turned off by a constant call to action to order. That's why "Reserve MY copy" is so important. It puts the decision in their hands and it isn't forceful.

Just another lesson in the crazy world of IM. Hope this helps someone else with a long salesletter!

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    Glad to hear that your eBook reservations are converting

    Are you going to offer an affiliate program? lol

    “First, say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” -Epictetus

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    That's great news Noah! Do you currently have any split testing system set up for your sales page? This is one area I am definitely slacking in. Your post gives me renewed motivation to get my butt moving though!

    I'm looking into implementing Google website optimizer, but want to do some research first (starting at the WF) on what others have experienced.

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    Nice tip Noah, I've found similar results with many of my letters.

    It won't work for every situation, especially higher priced products where you need to build value, but for lower end products it can work a treat.

    And before anyone comes along spouting "short copy is king" realize that, providing all your copy is doing it's job selling, then "the more you tell the more you sell" -- the order links earlier on just let some people make a decision faster, but there will still be others that need to read your entire pitch.
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    Kyle, I totally aggree.

    Karen, split testing is crucial. Even just using Google Website Optimizer and split testing a single headline could double your conversions.

    There are tons of posts on the forum about doing it, so if you feel you are slacking on split testing, give the forum a search and you will learn all you need to know.

    Charles - I'm on clickbank But I'd stay away from me till i put a few more % on my conversion rates. There is more tweaking to be done!
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    Originally Posted by Mad Dawg View Post

    Once the buyer has heard what they want to hear (once you have solved their problem) they are ready to buy! Don't stall their impulses with the rest of your letter!
    Attaboy, Noah!

    I remember when you were looking for sales page reviews on this.

    Your comment above reminds me of a cartoon I saw in a sales training seminar some years back...

    It pictured a salesman with a flip chart and a customer trying to stuff money in the salesman's pocket.

    The captions was, "I'm sorry! I can't sell it to you yet, I'm only on step 23 of my presentation! Taking the order isn't until step 46..."

    Or, as the trainer put it, once you've sold something, quit flapping your gums and buying it back.

    Nice job putting that principle online...
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    little hinges swing big doors...
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    wow.. that's a huge jump! cool..

    once you've sold something, quit flapping your gums and buying it back.
    this is great


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    Nice tip Noah. Thanks for sharing. Like you said, can never test enough.
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    i wonder all the times why some people have REALLY long sales letters but literally don't give people a way to ORDER unless they're all the way down, 3 pages later ----------> BAD

    And, "Reserve my Copy" <---- great tip!!
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