Can't Login Cpanel, but can FTP. Anyone?

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I am getting frustrated. I have submitted a ticket to my host but awaiting reply. Maybe someone here has experienced. My logins for my cpanel and all my Wp-admins are not working. However, I can login to my ftp which has the same cpanel info. Has anyone experienced such a thing? I am trying to prepare my wso for this week and this is really getting me upset. Any advice other than wait for host reply? I did just switch from hostgator to a 'bargain' brand. I have been very happy with load times, but whenever I need support I can no longer do the live chat like hostgator. That was nice, but I was paying $50 a month and now I pay that for about a year. Maybe I get what I pay for?
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    are you getting any error messages when trying to log in through cpanel?

    You don't want to click here --> Richard Arblaster

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    Ah, you beat me to it. Yes, you definitely get what you pay for. I haven't heard of this type of thing before. It seems odd that none of the passwords would work all at the same time. What about when you do a 'forgot password' does Wordpress send you an email with the password in it or is that not working as well?

    (You definitely can't go past Hostgator and the live chat but I won't rub that in anymore.)

    I guess your domain or server could be down and that's what's causing the issue. Probably sounds like the most logical thing.
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    You know I haven't tried resend password for the wp sites really. I am upset that my cpanel won't let me in mostly. I figure I can check up on wp sites from there. It amkes no sense how I can get into my ftp!
    It is not urgent as long as it gets fixed. You are right the live chat on hostgator spoils you. Their support desk helped me out many a time.
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