What do I do with all these plr articles??

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Couple of Qs

Is there software that allows auto insertion into your blogs on a schedule? Or do I have to insert each one by one??
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    How far do you plan to go with plr articles on your blog? Are you looking to setup autoblogs? If so, what's your avenue for making money with them? Adsense, Amazon, or Clickbank?
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    Adsense and amazon.... Suggestions?
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      WP Robot is a powerful and easy to use auto blogging plugin for Wordpress weblogs allowing you to turn your blog on complete auto-pilot and drip-feed it with fresh content in regular intervals you specify.
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    I've taken PLR articles and repurposed them into other forms of content. For instance, if you have a lot of articles on one topic, create some slides and record a tips video course on that topic. As far as using straight PLR content to drive traffic to your site, it's not as effective as fresh content. Take a few minutes (seriously, it doesn't take long) to rewrite the articles and include keywords you've researched. Then you can schedule those tweaked articles into your content-dripper. I've used that method to rank sites and it has worked well for me.

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    Originally Posted by CircleofDocs View Post

    Couple of Qs

    Is there software that allows auto insertion into your blogs on a schedule? Or do I have to insert each one by one??
    Sure there is - see my sig
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    Robert Plank has one as well, $7 as a WSO. Just use the search. I have it, but haven't gotten around to using it yet, like most things :rolleyes:
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    Repurpose your plr materials by mixing and matching and also rewriting them. You can produce unique ebooks in any niches using this method. You can then sell them ay Clickbank for a higher price and get affiliates sell them for you.

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    The folks over at All Private Label Content have a plugin that you can use to upload batches of articles. It's called the Speedy APLC Publisher. You can purchase it or I think you get it for free if you buy one of their memberships.

    You can schedule the posts by using the Editorial Calendar plugin.

    I still highly suggest you edit each article a little to make it unique and keyword optimized for your blog.

    - Sharyn Sheldon

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