How to build an email list?

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Hi guys,

I am planning to starting building an email list for the very first time and am not too sure on how to go about it.

My websites are search engine optimized and are ranked pretty well in search engines. The websites are on health topics are generally very informational with lots of articles and original content.

How do I start building a list?

Where should I put the opt-in box?

What is the best way to entice my visitors to opt in?

Will an opt in box affect my search engine rankings?

Would really appreciate any feed back. Thanks in advance for the help guys
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    Place the optin box above the fold in your sidebar as well as at the bottom of every post/page (right where the text ends). If your using Wordpress it should be easily done, there are a few plugins that do that.

    Make sure your optin boxes are eye catching (see the link in my signature). Make them yellow with a border to pop on white background.

    Offer something of value as a gift. If you already have high quality content on the site offer the same content in a system form. e.g. Trainig, step-by-step guide, blueprint.

    You can also do, biggest pitfalls and dangers.

    Optin box will not affect your SEO at all.

    Test Pop ups later down the road, but be careful not to set them to pop too early. No earlier than 10sec.
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      Yes, placing your opt-in form on the top right side above the fold and at the bottom as well is a good idea. If you haven't signed up for an auto responder yet, you can try Aweber. They're reliable and great customer service and there's a lot of stuff that can be done with the different opt-in forms available. It's about $20 a month.

      For lead generation, you might wanna consider Adfly. It's a paid service, so you're buying traffic but it doesn't costs much. However, i'm not sure that the traffic sent to your site will be very targeted. You could also see if fiverr offers any kind of lead generation service.
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    I have recently posted a help article for a guy about List Building... Hope it will help you too....

    You are welcome to read it here.....
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    Offer something as incentives, something the people who are visiting your site are looking for. Instead of offering it directly and immediately to them when they visit the page, let them fill in their e-mail first ''to send the content/product/gift too''

    Simple Stan
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    Ooh you're going to want to get a mentor for this one my friend. Find someone that has built up a big reactive list and let them guide you through the best way to do it. Always remember that buyers lists are more valuable but the biggest thing to keep in mind is to keep your list responsive and provide them with massive value on a regular basis.
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    Incentives are really essential to encourage visitors to suscribe to your mailing list. You can offer them short reports, videos or even graphics. This helps build trust and get your Business established.

    All the best,
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    I recommend garyhalberts archives to help you in good copywriting. Without good copywriting it will be difficult to make money from the list you build.

    Google it - garyhalberts archives.

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    How do I start building a list?
    You can start building a list using services like,, and even !

    This are the third party hosted email marketing services provided that is used by a lot of Warriors.

    If you prefer to host it on your own, you can try getting a dedicated server and using softwares that you can buy like AutoresponsePlus or Interspire

    Where should I put the opt-in box?
    If you already have a website that gets traffic- its best to put the optin box at a very "see-able' place at your site. You can also use Exitscripts to redirect people to a optin website.

    What is the best way to entice my visitors to opt in?
    The best way is to provide value for the subscription that you are asking from them. You can provide free gifts such as ebooks, audios, videos, softwares etc.

    Do make sure you tell them that when they subscribe- they will also get membership into your newsletter and updates from you by email.

    Will an opt in box affect my search engine rankings?
    As far as my knowledge in SEO is concerned- NO.

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    There are plenty of ezine's and mailing list in the health niche. If you have some cash to invest, I'd consider buying ad spots with couple the ones most relevant to your site and give away a free report or guide.

    I've managed to build some nicely sized list this way with a couple of my sites.
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    1.) Find a commodity community (i.e facebook, Wordpress, Drupal .... etc)
    2.) Create some user contributed utilities (apps,plugins, modules .... etc)
    3.) Structure the utility so that it requires a 'free registration' of a first name, last name and email address.
    4.) Have the utility record the data to an email list service like ConstantContact aWeber ... etc via an API.
    5.) Have the utility record the data to a database or something that the utility can verify against ... etc

    I have employed such methods before and I built a targeted list of 523 subscribers in 48 hours. Now, not everyone will give you valid or 'real' email addresses, so expect some attrition.
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    [QUOTE=asciscopecunia;5660266]How do I start building a list?

    To start email list building you should have a clear purpose for the list also what you intend to do with it.
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    Originally Posted by asciscopecunia View Post

    How do I start building a list?
    To start email list building you should have a clear purpose for the list and also what you intend to do with it.
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    I strongly suggest you have a VALUABLE product to give your list too. That is quite important but overlooked when marketers build list. If your product is trash, you'll have surge of people who sign up to your list but unsuscribe as soon as they signed up.....

    So make sure your product is VERY valuable. Its part of list building
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  • Develop a digital info product that will serve as a quick and effective solution for the "hair on fire" problems and immediate needs of your target customers about topics and sub topics related to your target industry, niche, micro niche, onsite content, keywords/keyphrases and products/services. Post this digital info product as an affiliate product in affiliate marketing networks like JVZoo and ClickBank. Entice others to become your affiliates by giving them a 90% or more commissions per sale of your digital info product. You'll have others promoting your digital info product, driving buyer traffic and populating your mailing list with buyer subscribers...

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    Hope this helps...
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    Hey man, I have 1 page where I am offering a specific ebook for the page. I put it in front before the content starts. It get 10% sign ups. Pretty good. Another one I have put at the end of the page, it get 1%

    so 10+1 I get 11% sign ups. I tried putting the same thing on sidebar right top but it gets only 3-4% sign ups. So the bottom line is, TESTING TESTING and a lot of TESTING!

    Try this, open up your MS word and write a 5-6 page exclusive info. Then go and drop the doc on google docs. Redirecting... now open the doc and click download as PDF.

    You have got yourself a PDF ebook!

    Now upload it on your server through FTP (filezilla is good)

    Then create a page called "thank you" and put this link to download the ebook there.

    Now go to your email system, say aweber and then create a sign up page and put this link to "confirmation success page url"

    so when people click the confirm link they get there.

    At the end you have to go to your sidebar widget manager (I assume you are using wordpress) go to wordpress > widgets > text and then past the opt in code!

    You have it!
    Tamal Anwar C.
    I transform old outdated 1990s/2000s websites
    into a fresh site of present time
    Learn How
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