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Does anyone have any experience with selling physical products via ?

Also, this is kinda tricky question, not closely related with interent marketing, but how do you export products from European Union to USA, in order to be shipped to Amazon.

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    1. I have sold products on amazon. What exactly do you want to know ?

    2. Never had to ship anything in to US so dont really know about the second part of the question.

    The most tricky part to selling on the amazon is getting in to the TOP Box or becoming the main vendor for the product. There about 4 things Amazon looks at before it ranks vendors.

    To be honest digital products are waaaayyyyyy easier to deal with even with the higher refund rate.
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    I have done this some time, the competition for a lot of products is really high and battling settled traders of a product is almost impossible.

    If you find a new product or a less known product that has potential, you have to shoot for the main vendor status. When you are settled, it becomes more easy.

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