Time to revisiti: HTML or TEXT? What do you use?

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My Question is as simple as that.

Previously, a lot of us were told to go for "text based" emails when we are sending broadcasts when we do our email marketing campaign.

This was the advice dished out in 2003, and along the years, I have followed the same.

But obviously, the email marketing landscape has much changed since then. Now, there is more smartphone users, and more desktop bounds laptops are compliant and able to receive HTML based emails more better than when it was 2003.

I personally have since moved from simple text emails, and now do a hybrid version with my email campaign.

I have a basic "header" and write my message still as a "text", and only do basic formating such as 'bolding', and 'italics', hyperlinking etc.

I don't do attachment (i provide links to download) , I keep images down to a minimum (none at most times), and links are hyperlinked to "action words".

I also provide a basic "Text" based format as well just in case (this usually takes 2 minutes to edit from the HTML version)

... And I notice more sales this way-rather than just do basic texts as what I was taught before.

So, what is your take on this?
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    For most of my outgoing e-mails, I send BOTH Plain
    Text and HTML versions of the message.

    That way, the recipient can view the e-mail in the
    best format for their e-mail client and device they're
    using to view the message.

    However, for the HTML version I don't include any
    unnecessary graphics. They do contain the essential
    tracking image though.

    I use minimal formatting in the HTML e-mails aside
    from some bold, italics and color for emphasis where

    I like the HTML versions because of the extra tracking
    and ability to use call to action phrases in the anchor
    text for clickable links. But I send the Plain Text version
    too so that the user can view the e-mail if they'd prefer
    it that way.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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    Personally text all the way, don't you find it really annoying when your on a mailing list and the emails come through deformed and bits missing because of bad coding? I think text is easier, more personal and will always work.

    Just one man's opinion.
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