Bought a Great 11 Year Old Domain :- Need ideas to Build Site on it

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Hello Friends,

I bought a very good domain few days ago. Its 11 Years old domain. Have backlinks from over 5000 unique domains.

I guess domain name is very good and its aged as well so its always a + point.

I have no idea what kind of site I should start with it.
Kindly share your views and tell me what's best I can do with this domain.

PS: I don't want to sell this domain, want to build a good site now or in future.

Hope to get some good Ideas from Warriors.

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    I'd choose a niche — like health and fitness. Checkout, for a great program.

    Do a blog, post some success stories "about affiliates" in your niche. If you want to spend some real time and make this thing big, get in contact with some all star affiliates ask ask to interview them. Come out with a weekly interview about successful affiliates. Monetize with your affiliate links to the programs your guests are involved in.
    Anchor text it something like: affiliate marketing, what is affiliate marketing — and general broad term "newbie" terms. Long tail landing pages will be specific programs, ie, "Sell health affiliate program review".

    Should work like a charm + provide some real value for people reviewing programs and trying to pickup on successful affiliate marketing strategies.
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  • GENIUS IDEA: affiliate social network

    edit:Or come sell our products

    sellhealth dot com

    Fraser Mackie
    Affiliate Manager

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      Originally Posted by Fraser SellHealth View Post

      GENIUS IDEA: affiliate social network

      edit:Or come sell our products

      sellhealth dot com
      Haha, I wrote my message before you did and I must of "telepathically" picked up on the SellHealth affiliate program when I was typing it out -- knowing that you were lurking around here somewhere.
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    @Studio13, some really nice ideas from you, however interviewing affiliates will surely need lots of efforts and research.
    I will add your points while making my final decision.

    @Fraser, making a ORIGINAL Social Networking for affiliates will be a Big Budget Story, I am not sure its really in my hands.

    However, How you you guys find this domain? Is it really worth buy or its just an average name just with some age?.

    Let me know.
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  • Its a good enough name and if i has some links and any pr at all then its a good buy.

    The best thing for this would almost be a review of different affiliate programs in general, promoting affiliate ebooks and getting your affiliate link in there for people to sign up through your site so you can make an easy 5% of what they make from the programs.

    Fraser Mackie
    Affiliate Manager

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    Fraser, I shared it with Drew(I am sure you know him ), he said affiliate referral works only when your ref. will generate sales, not just if he/she signup with your affiliate links.
    So its like only 1-2 out of 100 actually work seriously and generate sales, its hard to earn via affiliate signup.

    Edit : I am already selling your products @Fraser
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    "About" usually implies information, so you can make it an informational/learning site about becoming a successful affiliate, and of course you can include writeups/reviews about various affiliate programs around (which you can use to refer affiliates under you).

    Nice domain.
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    Use CJ for promote affiliate products
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    I see 448 unique domains, not 5,000.

    Does the domain have a clean history?

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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      Great domain name you got there.
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    As Domainate mentioned that the word "about" implies information, may be you could make a forum about affiliate marketing as well, in addition to the idea he mentioned. In the forum, you could charge people to post a thread about their affiliate program.
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    I would have it as an 'information' site which could be in the form a a blog.

    Example, if you've tried an affiliate and it worked/ didn't work, then you can write about it and give your opinions so that others can learn from your success/mistakes.

    If done correctly, this could be big for all IM-ers.
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    It would be interesting to see if the old anchor text will have a negative affect on any new focus of the website.
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      Like the name says "about affiliates" make the site all about real people doing well in affiliate marketing. Perhaps make it a membership site that offers tips, strategies for those considering or already in affiliate marketing. I do agree that having interviews would be a good idea. Offer audio and video interviews, success stories. Also affiliate tools that work well (and you make commission off of the tools you mention). You could do a ton of stuff with a site like this.

      Congrats on getting the domain!

      Content Creation and Publishing Design Specialist!

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    Hi Anki,

    It looks like you have four things to consider.

    1. What are current visitors expecting to find at the site?

    The old anchor text in currently existing links should tell you that. That information alone could give you enough specifics to decide on a profitable focus for the site.

    2. What was the site about before you got it?

    It's possible that the previous owners have already done the research to identify a good, strong niche and that you don't need to do it again. Maybe they just lost interest (or died, or got sick and couldn't continue, or decided to go in some other direction). See point #1 to get that information.

    3. What does it actually mean?

    There's no use getting a good, aged domain name, then setting up a site that bears no relation to that name.

    The literal meaning of the domain name "about affiliates" could suggest that visitors will find information on what other affiliates are doing (best practices, effective promotions, personal stories, etc.) Or it could mean that the site tells where to find the best affiliate offers (this one might end up being so very broad that it'd lose focus). If points 1 & 2 above haven't already given you everything you need, then you'll want to do some intensive brainstorming on this point.

    4. What do YOU want to do?

    Some ideas just won't ring your bell, while others might seem too big for your present skill set. But somewhere among all the "discards" you should be able to find a keeper or two.

    Just going through the available information will help you narrow down the options and end up with a choice that fits you like a glove and also provides plenty of potential customers/clients for your new site.

    Whatever decision you arrive at, it's going to take some work. Forget the mythical "Set it up in an hour and live happily ever after" story. That only happens in copywriters' imaginations.

    In any case, we all wish you the best of success.

    Cheers from warm and smiling Thailand,
    Special offer for all Warrior authors...
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