Quality [Fast Paying] Affiliate Program Needed

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I remember reading a post a few weeks ago asking for a short list of Quality Fast Paying (Same Day) Affiliate Programs.

Knowing what I know now, and what I will know < 24 hours from now, I would like to create a short list (10-20) of Quality (Fast Paying) Affiliate Programs.

I would appreciate hearing from Newbies to Pro's alike, what you consider to be a Quality Affiliate Program -- and where they pay out quicker than most.

I would prefer to start with Private Company offerings vs. Network deal (pepperjam, CJ, Clickbank Hydra etc.) and the niches can be pretty wide open. You can reply here on the Forum or PM me or click thru to one of my sites to 'share' your insights.

Thanks in advance for any/all who care to share on this one.

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