Hoping To Get Some Input (case study)

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Hey Guys,

I've been browsing around this forum for the last day or so and have received some tremendous value so far.

Thanks to everyone that contributes!

With that being said, I figured I would start to contribute by doing a bit of a case study.

I have been testing a new niche (dog training) and from the outside looking in, everything seems like I should be doing well.

I'm using Google AdWords as my only traffic source right now and from an adwords standpoint, I'm doing well.

Avg CPC is 0.12 and after a week and a half of testing, I've spent $114.

155 opt ins at a 15.6% opt in rate with only 21 people having unsubscribed from my list.

I have 10 Follow Up emails setup so far so and in case it wasn't clear, I am promoting a clickbank product to see it's viability before I hire someone to create a product for me.

Now with all that going for me, I haven't made a single sale.

Kind of frustrating!

The keywords that I have been targeting so far have been keywords related to dog training using the google insight tool with "dog training" being my main keyword.

I'm hoping someone can shine some light as to why I'm not getting any sales yet as it seems obvious that there is a market to me given the opt ins and all the metrics seeming to indicate a profitable niche.

I was taking a shower earlier and an idea popped into my head as to why I might not be having success with this niche yet but I want to get some of your guys' input before I throw that idea out there.

Thanks so much!

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    Hi Curt, welcome to the forum. You might be rushing things a bit. Adwords can prove an expensive experiment for the inexperienced marketer. You need to target highly sought after keywords but avoid the minefield of the extremely popular ones.

    Why not just look around here for some ideas before plowing in so heavily. there are other better places to advertise and ways to build your list

    God bless

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    I wouldn't even bother with Adwords. I personally just churn out lots of articles, on ezine & articlesbase, with links back to my sites. If you know enough about a particular subject, it's easy to get into writing mode, and it's free!
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    Sounds like the sales letter stinks? Or as Norma mentioned, you're not giving it enough time. Big question, how many clicks have you sent the product sales page?
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      Hey guys,

      Thanks for the input so far...

      I have sent at least 155 people to the sales page (and although I'm not tracking clicks I would imagine clicks have happened as a result of my autoresponder messages).

      I'm using adwords b/c I am way too impatient. It's worth it to me to spend a hundred bucks or so and see the viability of the niche.

      Anyway, here is what my thoughts were in regards to why these people aren't converting...

      I was targeting keywords such as dog training which IMO is a very general keyword and doesn't really show a starving crowd. They aren't people that necessarily have a dying problem per se.

      Now, I am going to run another test on more "problem keywords" i.e. how to stop... and see what happens as a result from that.


      Thanks guys!
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        Wow, this part of the forum is SUPER ACTIVE!

        I hate to "bump" my thread up but I'm hoping I could get some input on my thoughts for the solution to my problem...

        Thanks guys!

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    I'm no expert but I also have a dog training product and no one has ever bought it unless I had a sale and totally lowered the price to half of what I was asking. I've got about 500 in my autoresponder - not sure how many have seen the sales page.

    The other thing, I think 150 people to your sales page is kind of too small of a testcase to draw solid conclusions from.
    Gone Fishing
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      That's actually pretty interesting to know...

      155 is the amount of people that have opted in and that have seen the sales page so there has been significantly more traffic than that (I', pretty sure more than 1,000)

      Here's the reason why I would say that 155 is a decent number to use and tell me if I'm wrong...

      I normally would be going after a niche and a product that converts at the very LEAST 1%. That seems reasonable right?

      Well, obviously the niche that I went after, dog training, is NOT a starving enough crowd to convert at my minimum requirement but I would have to imagine that there are plenty of other micro niches within that niche that would crawl hand over foot to solve their problem (again, I'm assuming that I wasn't solving a problem of my initial niche).

      Am I being completely unreasonable here or am I making sense?

      I'm going to run another test campaign after a more starving niche starting later today (and also edit the demographics more) and run it for a couple of days or 100 opt ins to see what the results are and report back.

      Thanks guys! You all have been very helpful ;-)

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    I too spent a good bit of money on Adwords...very carefully selected keywords....to not get a single sale. I think Adwords can be good...but I am going to try other options

    Steve Blalock

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