Incentivise the Masses

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Hi Warriors,

I am always trying to see logic from a different perspective as what went before isn't always right today.

Many areas of our activity seems to be determined by what we are told is how it should be rather than allowing the freedom of creativity to enter into our world and open it up to new and exciting interpretations.

The reason however for today's post is that I just saw an affiliate offer and it contained the normal incentives. An iPad for the top seller, a Kindle for the 2nd, and so on down until the likes of you and I are lucky to get a smile or a wave for our efforts.

I look at these offers and accept that at this moment, there is little chance of my meagre list placing me in the top 5 for a prize and so the incentive has decentivised me completely to the point of avoidance so is this how it should be?

My point is, why don't we reverse the incentives to give me and others like me with medium or small lists, at least a chance of striking gold. After all, the big affiliates who win the iPad will already have taken maybe 70 or 80% of the money so do they really need bonuses?

For my next launch, I feel that it would be interesting to incentivise 4th, 5th and 6th affiliates as this will get the bonuses to people that maybe worked that little bit extra hard to get good results.

Why not make the medium and small guys want to work to promote instead of putting out offers that maybe serve to help us avoid and grow.

Just because it's the way it was doesn't mean it is the way it has to be!

Let's shake this world upside down and see if we can ring some changes to encourage Mr. Average Affiliate to become Mr. Great!
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    now that is a good idea!

    the top guys always get the commission cash, so the guys in the lower ranks can get some rewards for a change. lol
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