What else should I do to my site?

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Hi guys its flatbro94,

I have been working on my site lately and I've gotten a Facebook, Twitter, and a YouTube channel for my site. I have integrated forums on my site gamers. My pages are not finished as I'm still working on them. I have a about and a contact page as well. People can register for my site. My site is about gaming and computers. Along the way I want to help gamers upgrade and/or build there very first or own gaming rig. I will be providing the best quality content to my website. I already have a page rank of 1 . My website I'm referring to is the one in my signature. Any suggestions?
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    Keep adding quality content. Maybe have it so visitors can interact and contribute content in a way that ALSO benefits them. Good luck.
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    Awesome looking site man! I agree with Michael, content is the most important thing here! With gaming, do as many videos as you can. I feel like people really want to see video reviews, walkthroughs, and stuff like that in this niche.

    Good luck!
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      I think you should familiarize yourself with (SEO) the most important component of search engine marketing is making your site easily discoverable in search results, and that requires a basic understanding of SEO.
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    Buy a few flash games, upload them to your website, that will make the users stick to your website!!
    And I would suggest , soon migrate to a .COM domain.
    You may not be able to rank well after all for a .co.cc domain!!
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    Looking good so far. For your forum, you may want to create a bit of accounts to start off. That way, more people will be interested in joining. If you are gaining popularity fairly quickly, it can also be a good idea to have people help you with putting new content.
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    Woo-hoo! Good for you flatbro94. I'm so glad you didn't give up. I reckon you are onto a good thing here. I don't know anything about gaming but keep on keeping on.
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    I can tell you to learn SEO to improve

    Talk about sports at Big 10 Football

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