Magic Submitter - Any Luck?

by GGurls
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Anybody have any success stories with Magic Submitter?
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    I'd like to know this too. I'm considering between Magic Submitter and SEnukeX. I know there have been a few threads on these two, but I know things are dynamic so I hope to hear some input from those using either program. For example, I know there were complains before about Magic Submitter not being able to do videos well. Don't know if the problem remains. I know I've read quite a number of good reviews of the service of the developer of Magic Submitter.
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      well, today, MS works better than SEnuke. and more affordable of course

      A guy totally addicted with SEO and internet marketing.

      Let's connect:
      Fervil Von

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        I've used both and think Magic Submitter is a lot better. However, nowadays I'm trying to do most of my backlinks manually.

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    I am looking for answers too on this comparison.
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    Here is the one main problem with
    mainly ALL 'commercial' seo software
    on the market today...

    Google will figure out the footprint
    left by that software. Think about it the
    big G is the one that MAKES the seo algorithm
    to begin with.

    Which basically means (and we have seen it before)
    that they can 'flex their corporate' muscle, and essentially
    do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it
    regardless WHO it will effect in the meantime.

    So, who will you trust? Google??
    Or the guys who are making the software?

    However, there are always the expections to the rule.

    Hint hint; almost everything should be 'natural' and practically 'done by hand'
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    I've read of that before - that Google can detect your links were created by a bot/program. Anyone has comments on that? Seems like many are still having success with SENukeX and Magic Submitter
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    I've used both SENukeX and Magic Submitter.

    In my view Magic Submitter provides the best value for money.

    Magic Submitter is extremely customizable so you don't need to worry about some douchebag spamming sites and getting Google red flagging things.

    No matter which software you choose to use there are 3 things to keep in mind:

    1 - Content is KING. Don't submit crappy PLR articles that have been respun to death and are unreadable. Always ask yourself, is this article worth reading?

    2 - Be DIFFERENT. Spend the time to learn any software and customize it as much as possible so that you will not have the same websites or patterns as everyone else.

    3 - Keep in mind the concepts behind SEO always apply, regardless of if you are managing a campaign manually or using software:
    a) Choose Low Competition Keywords
    b) Optimize your website
    c) Optimize your content to be submitted

    You would be surprised just how many people get caught up in the "must have backlinks" mentality and forget basic things like header tags, description tags and title tags. You can pick off competitors that have thousands of backlinks just by exploiting their weakness by optimizing your site and having a handful of high authority links.

    I recommend having a range of different sources for your backlinks (eg some from blogs, some forums, some videos, some press releases, some articles, etc). That helps to cushion any impact when Google makes changes to their algorithms.

    Probably the single most important tip is to look at Googles aim! They want to match good quality, relevant content with the keyword search. If you take that as your starting point with all of your SEO campaigns you will find you are more successful, and that you are less likely to see your rankings vanish when Google changes their algorithms.

    I tell my clients that when I promote websites the purpose is to wave to Google and say "Hey! There's some great content/a brilliant website over here, come and check it out!"

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