The Moronic Things That Some Marketers Do

by Allen Lewis 2 replies
1. Spamming forums with one-liner posts, with a $7 affiliate product in the signature, with a noob name to boot.

2. Signing up to gurus lists and sending them back promos of a $50,000 per month biz opp, which happens to be crap. I think this takes the cake.

3. Sending out a JV email of a product that looks like something a 3rd grader would do.

4. Spamming Twitter with nothing but promo messages.

5. Sending messages to gurus, support desks or anyone in particular in CAPS.

6. Email every guru and ask "What is the fastest, most leet way to make money like NOW, yo?"

7. Buying every latest product that comes out, post reviews about it on every forum, but don't actually take action on the strategies in the product.

Forget about explanations on why 95% of people fail online. You just got all (well, almost all) the reasons.

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    The truth is Allen, most marketers doing the things you mentioned don't know any better most of the time.

    I don't think that they are necessarily moronic, but rather they are probably confused. After all, there are 9000 other people giving away all kinds of conflicting info all over the place. It's no wonder so many people act they way the do. They simply are just spinning their wheels trying to make something happen.

    Little tip: If you wanna make some money, I'd shift focus from calling them morons and berating them to focusing on giving them solid solutions they can achieve something with.
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    and so the show goes on... same old same old

    Why would you ever think anything would be different?
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