How to make use of these domain names?

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I have three domain names as follow. I am welcoming your ideas of how should I develop them. Either content based site, niche site, amazon affiliate or service sites.

I am wondering how should I further develop them. Thanks!
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    amazon affiliate will a great suggestion for all of them.
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    Click bank an d amazon
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    Use these domain names to start a blog on these sujects.
    Post relevant content daily or get guest bloggers and monetize
    the site with related products.

    This is a potential gold mine!
    This May Just Be The Last Tool You EVER Use For Leads…
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    What's a "gift sexpert"? ...a sexual gift expert?
    Best Internet Marketing Tools in one place -
    ............................... $8.99 .com $8.99 .net $8.99 .org....................
    Cheap Domain Names << >> Cheap Domain Registration
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      Originally Posted by David Wolfman View Post

      What's a "gift sexpert"? ...a sexual gift expert?
      I think he meant gifts expert
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    I agree use it as an affiliate site. I have a site Need Gift Idea Need Gift Ideas that I display products from Zazzle on. You could do something similar or use Amazon.
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    I would start putting some good orignal article content there, or use some plr articles. Then get established with Amazon and CJ.
    You could find other affiliate possibilities at and


    One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

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    You've already been given some great practical advice. Just let me toss sommething in too. Speaking as a guy, anything which helps me do the following would be attractive:

    - Reminds me of bdays and other events
    - Helps me choose an appropriate gift in less than ten minutes
    - Provides gift giving resources which make it easier to shop for the women in my life sizing help (where the hell do I find the size on her lingerie?) and so on.

    Shopping for most guys is a case of find, hunt, kill. We don't much care about the experience. Yes, I'm generalizing. I also realize I'm probably setting someone up for a good one liner here...

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    Hey all,

    Thanks a lot for the great input!

    @HorseStall, Hey thanks for sharing your site, that was my initial intention too. Wanted to create a site that similar to yours where I could help people to select the best gifts for their loved one.

    @JimDucharme, Big thanks! You reminded me of one of the latest products by Michael Rasmussen. Perhaps I can make use of it! Thanks!

    Another thing to ask, I have a facebook fan page which targets iPad 2 users. Currently I have about 275 fans. All are real people. I ignored the page for quite some time but the fan numbers growing by itself.

    I only posted some Youtube videos for iPad related products, such as casing, screen protector etc. No affiliate sales so far.

    I wonder how could I improve it if they are not that responsive. They do reply and comment sometimes but not the very responsive type.

    I am also thinking of selling ad space on my fan page on Fiverr. However only restricted to iPad or Apple related products. I don' t want to spam my fans.

    What are you guys suggest? In term of making my fans more responsive and make more profit from the fan page.

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    Those domains are worthless. Don't develop them. Get rid of them.
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