Email question. Please help.

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Hey folks,

I have a silly question.

On your autoresponder (I use Aweber), how do you set the character width? All the emails I get from Frank Kern and Joe Vitale and all the others are around 45 characters or something.

How is that done?

Here's what I do.

I write the document in Word, set the margins to 2.75 inches on both sides. It shrinks it on Word, but when I do a copy/paste to notepad or Aweber the message is long and I have to edit the entire doc.

Could somebody here please give me a hand with this?


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    If you use plain text version, then there is a tab at the top right which says "wrap long lines". That should do the trick for you. Hope this helped.

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      Firstly, NEVER import your e-mail copy from Word directly
      into your autoresponder.


      You'll end-up getting strange characters pasted over every
      once in a while.

      Instead, edit your e-mail copy in a plain text editor such as

      To get the hard line breaks, I insert them manually as I go
      along in the writing process.

      By the way, some e-mail clients don't translate the hard
      line breaks if you just press the enter key after each line.

      A workaround is to press the space bar three times and
      then press the enter key. That way, all of your hard line
      breaks will come through in the majority of e-mail clients.

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  • Originally Posted by ShaneBoyd View Post

    Hey folks,

    I have a silly question.
    No silly questions here mate. This is where you learn.
    Hope your answer was solved in the 2nd post. That should work.
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    Just start typing and when the line starts getting too long just hit "return"
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    ..or use "shift+enter" to get to the line directly below.
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    I've been using this service for years now. I have it
    bookmarked. Simply copy and paste your text and
    indicate the WPL and click "format text" to get your

    Format Text / Articles

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