Is it wise to build a list on this website?

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Hey Warriors,

I have a website "" that is averaging 300 visitors a day and rising. These are not targeted to a specific niche, other than health remedies. The 300 visitors are spread out over 30 - 40 keywords so there's not enough scope to build a list to a specific keyword at the moment.

I was wondering would it be worthwhile to build a list around this website even though the niche is very broad?

Any other tips on how I could monetize this site would be greatly appreciated too.

Thanks for any advice Warriors.
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    It certainly wouldn't hurt! In my opinion there isn't a niche too broad to build a list from. What you could do is put different opt-in forms on different areas of the site and divide your "list" into more specific sub-lists (easily done in any autoresponder) that has more targeted content. This of course requires more work but will help you get better conversions from your mailings.

    Great site by the way.....seems like it would be a great site to add some Adsense too. Have you considered adding some ad blocks into your content?
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    I would definitely do so, it's a high-paying niche. I would whitelabel some products and sell them directly.
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    Yeah you should certainly be building a list! I am not sure why you don't think that natural remedies is targeted, because it seems very targeted to me. Maybe you can give out a free ebook or something in exchange for their email info
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    Its worth giving it a shot.
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    Just because visitors are spread out over a number of keywords doesn't mean that the ability to build a list isn't there.

    Offer a weekly newsletter with hints and tips, or as someone has said, a free ebook.

    The natural health is a very big niche and can be very profitable. As someone has said, if you are getting 300-400 daily views, adsense wouldn't be a bad idea either or a clickbank ad rotator.

    I like the look of the site, a very natural, soothing feel to it. Great job.

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    Thanks for the tips guys, looks like I'll be building a list so

    I should look into adsense also. I just thought that once someone finds a natural remedy for one of their ailments then that would be all they would want. I'm pretty new to I.M so wasn't too sure how it would go, but will definitely get it done now.

    Thanks again for the feedback, really appreciate it. the lot-of-ya
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    Broad lists can be the most profitable lists as there are so many more products you can push to your readers! Definitely start building a list, I absolutely recommend it.
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    It is never a bad idea to build a list. There are lots of things you can do with that list. It sounds like they are people with health ailments so while you may not be able to pitch them a product for a specific ailment it might be a good idea to try and get signed up as an affiliate to some health monthly membership sites and start marketing those sites to your list.
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