Ebooks for less then $20 dollars?

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I'm very curious about this. Why do people sell their ebooks/methods for so cheap if the ebook/method makes them 400+. Does that mean that they are promoting there stuff that doesn't even work and just want the money?
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    If you have any doubts, the right move for you would be to just stay in your own lane and figure out the best ways to make money online that WORK FOR YOU.

    Questioning the motives of others is not only a waste of your time, it's an insult to all the people who put a lot of work into producing quality content that do make money for others if they take the time to implement the systems they've purchased.

    There's no gun to your head, you don't have to purchase anything -- in fact, all the information is out there already if you just take the time to learn it and implement it.
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    Not really. Most people sell them cheap to entice people. Once people buy, they're already in the sales funnel. They'll be constantly updated and will be offered other products and are usually pricier than the first one. It's pretty much a process to get people to buy and keep buying.

    You may think that it's too cheap and useless money but let's say a $20 ebook sold to 200 people. That's already $400. That is good advertising money. You can turn that $400 into 4 figures with ease if you're good at advertising.
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      Originally Posted by TheZafraGroup View Post

      You may think that it's too cheap and useless money but let's say a $20 ebook sold to 200 people. That's already $400.
      No, actually it's not... :rolleyes:
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    At the end of the day, some people do work to gain reputation and build contacts, some just earn money by selling those WSO'S.

    They sell them at a much lower price here coz they can target many many people, build a list as well as help others.

    well, at the end of the day its a business. so U gotta buy stuff or just keep quiet ;-)
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      Most of the time its to build a bigger list. With a lower price you have more customers buying and ending up on your list. You can turn these customers into repeat customers once they are on your list.

      You can make more money on the back end and also with effective email marketing.
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    If you sell a product for $20 that I buy and love, then I'm more apt to trust you enough to buy your $97 product or your $1,000 coaching. If you sell me junk for $20 then you'll never hear from me again.

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    As I see it there are four reasons:

    1) Their product is crap and they are not being accurate with the write-up
    2) Their product is based on theory with no quantifiable results.
    3) Their reputation is low and they need to give reason to invest in them (Many IMers make the mistake off selling their product without selling themselves)
    4) To get people in the sales funnel. Simply put, a proven targeted buyer is worth a lot of money.
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      If you walk into a bookstore - whole books go for an average of 10 bucks. Textbooks get more spendy - but they have a LOT of meat. The average ebook is fairly short with only a portion of the real meat an actual book has. Yet people expect to earn millions from a 50 page work that has only around 150 words to a page?

      Throw your stuff on Kindle or BN with a lofty price tag and see how far you go in the general market.

      What you see in IM is not usual pricing. You can't compare a WSO to the whole world of IM. The WSO forum is "shopping at Walmart". It's meant to be a low priced medium, so that's what the prices are.

      The problem as I see it is that there are some extremely astute business people in here that had actual textbook quality products and they placed a textbook quality price on them. The products that have followed are often nothing but either cheap imitations that CAN'T get the high ticket price - or they just are not built to be all encompassing textbooks. The price will be lower. Because it is lower is not a statement of value necessarily - it is a statement of scope.

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    Some people have mentioned pretty good reasons but one big one is because they can make more money doing it.

    I setup a website that makes me $400 a month.

    I sell a report showing people how I did it and I sell a 100 copies at $10 each.

    So at the end of the month I made $400 from the website and $1000 from the report.

    Plus now I have all the people who bought from me on my list and I can repeat the same thing again next month with another one of my products or as an affiliate

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    Forgot to mention, it's also the base where the relationship and the trust starts. If someone likes your cheap product, then there's a big possibility people will buy your more expensive products. The people who like and trust you the most are the people who will buy from you the most. You'll build a loyal customer base this way.
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    Plus sometimes the person doesn't just use the method any more for whatever reason. This is usually where my WSO methods come from. I've moved on from the methods I used to use even as soon as 6 months ago, and so I'm not only helping other warriors with the methods, but also making a bit of final cash out of the methods.
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    Back-end (the more front-end you get out there the more back-end profits you'll make), building reputation (market entry, building reputation, list building, etc..), intro-level product to beginner audience...all valid reasons to have low-end product as a lead.

    What you DO want to make sure is that you know your numbers...you have a plan for volume, back-end conversion, subscribers, etc...

    The mistake is someone pricing their ebook without having a bigger plan for their business...and then measure against those plans.

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