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I can't understand client managment scripts that are bewing creeated and the don't have the ability to create a product.

Basically I want to sell the following in a bundle:

A year's free hosting - So payment is deferred for a year but is added to the invoice.
A domain name - deferred for a year again
Website - Payment upfront

I want the sales process to be like this:

Client > Order > Collect details and Project Specs > Payment > Customer Area and Thank You Notice

In the customer are I want them to be able to ee invoices, projects they bought and a two way communication system with the ability to share files.

In the admin area I want to see customer details, orders and project details, invoicing and billing, communication area and I want the system to automatically email clients when their next invoice is due and to notify me of upcoming due invoces.

I've searched high and low for this simple system and found nothing.

I'm starting to think that there isn't but then this is bound to e a sought after kind of script.. so I don't know why it's so hard to find one that's been created to such specifications.
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    It's not a "simple" product like you're making it out to be. You have to manage a database of users and user then have to code how each user area will look...then you are looking for e-mail based scripts to send friendly reminders on when an invoice is due...setting up future payments and the whole shebang.

    That's far from simple. I deal with a few offline clients that use a system similar to what you are asking MINUS the web based area's. Just for managing the client end on invoices, projects, leads etc...the program was over $10 000 when they first bought it and updates don't come cheap.

    Now this is not meant to discourage you as I am sure there a simple-er fixes out there but don't expect them to be cheap.

    If you are prepared to put some work into your site on a CMS such as wordpress...grab AMember or Wishlist create the members area and the admin are...then you will have to find an e-mail script (not sure where to look here).

    But that is where I would start.
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    It's not simple?

    There are hundreds of these scripts out there but none with these features. But they are features that one would require when operating an online services busines.



    Started in 2009 now working on the above project.

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