I'm speaking in the IM 2009 Seminar in Los Angeles! Please come & check it out!

by BJ Min
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Hey guys,

I am one of the speakers for this IM group event (max capacity 1000 people) where they will have 15 speakers teachings on IM lessons.

And I got invited to speak. Specifically, I'll be speaking on how to create & start an ebook business using clickbank in micro-niches. That's my specific topic.

I found the IM group through meetup.com. So if you are interested in joining, let me know...it'll be great to meet fellow warriors there...

I have never spoken in front of 1000 people for IM but it'll be fun, scary, and exciting!

Detail is here...sign up and join...by the way, i do not make money from this...just excited to be one of the 15 speakers there...

#1 Internet Marketing/SEO/SEM Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) - Meetup.com

to sign up for group i think is free...but the 1 day event is 20 bucks...cheap cost seriously considering you can meet lots of people, learn from 15 speakers, joint venture opportunities, etc...

the organizer's name is hari...

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