Review Azon..privacy issues?

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Hey all, just got ReviewAzon and I had a question for you all who are using it. Amazon on its site says don't give away your amazon secret key, but ReviewAzon needs it to activate it. I don't even know what Amazon AWS is for (I'm learning) but is ReviewAzon asking for "too" much info if I'm concerned about privacy? Help is appreciated.
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    the plugin needs all this information of yours to scrape products and then publish them with ur affiliate id.

    It is normal, even WP zon builder does that :-)
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      Well since many of you are using these plug-in's, I'll take a guess and say I'm paranoid
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    I have not use this site yet .I have taken this .After using that i get back to you.

    I like to Participate in Communities ........

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      No need, all good, thanks for the reply
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    I believe we have to provide amazon secret key for some wordpress plugins (wpzonbuilder, autoestore, wpsliderzon, and maybe more) in order to work properly.
    Haven't heard any security issues until now. You should be OK.

    no sigs at the moment :)

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    Yes, many Amazon plugins will require that key in order to get the products off Amazon. Don't worry unless you're using a shady plugin.
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