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by John Ritz 6 replies
Recently I noticed a trend where instead of the normal responses like this:

Joe, yes, the answer to your question is blah blah blah...

Mike, no I don't have stats, etc...
...we now have this:

@Joe, yes, the answer to your question is blah blah blah...

@Mike, no I don't have stats, etc...
Now I understand why the @ is needed for apps like Twitter. But forums have been running for decades without this @ prefix. Is it a fad? Is it just to show that you're "hip" with Twitter and Web 2.0? Or does it serve some purpose other than adding an extra useless character?

I know, I'm winding down for the day, saw a post like that, and was just curious.

If there's a valid reason for doing it, I'd like to know, because then it would make sense to use it. If it's just the newest "BFF" type, well, ...


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    @John - I'd like to know the answer to is question as well.
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      Or maybe I should say @john LOL.

      I start my posts off with the name of the person I am addressing - however, should I change to address someone else I do use the @ to denote the change and draw attention to it.

      I have seen this done on forums long before twitter.

      For example, if at this point in the post I wanted to make a statement to Lance I'd proceed with:


      Thanks for the sample

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      @ya'll - i've used it for years. it's handy on boards that don't have the fancy quote stuff available, plus it's just faster than quoting each person individually. it makes it clear who you are replying to.
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        Yep, I've used it for years as well.

        It's been around long before Twitter. Just makes it easier to reply to individual comments without quoting everyone.

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