How do I create sites with multiple keywords on one site

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I was doing an IM course and the guy says to focus on getting 10 keywords with around 1000 searches each rather than 1 keyword with 10,000 searches. The plan was to pick a 1000 to 4000 search keyword with low numbers of competing sites in Google, and enter that keyword back in the Google keyword tool again and let it suggest others. Then check each of the ones with around 1000 searches in Google to look for ones with under 50,000 competing websites. Then make a list of those keywords and use 10 or so to get started and add the others in later on. He says he researched this allot himself and it is the best way to do it.

My problem is that I don't know how to utilize that many keywords. He never explained that at all. Most of what I have learned is one keyword and exact match domain. I asked about it there, but 2 weeks later have still not received any answer.

I am just guessing here, but would the trick be to use a more general domain name, and use all of the 10 keywords in posts on the blog? Would that work? Do I try to use all 10 keywords in each post or Do I use 1 keyword per post? He says to use even more 1000 search keywords to get even more traffic for the site. It sounds like a good plan but with my limited experience I wanted to run the idea by some people before putting up sites.

Is inside the posts, the only place I would have to put the keywords? I hear that the meta tags are useful but not really important. Does Google figure out my keyword by looking at the words used the most on the site or in each post? Is it right that I should put each keyword in H1 and H2 headings and where they are not in any heading tags, I should bold them all? Is this to make sure the Google's bots know which ones I want as keywords.

Sorry about all the questions but that is the stuff I don't understand or know.


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    Base your domain name off of one keyword which you denote as your main keyword. Normally this is the most generic of the keywords that you have chosen. After that build seperate pages for each keyword. The articles on each page need to target only one specific keyword. I'm actually building a site on how to do micro niches. It's still in it's infancy and is not ready for the public yet :p
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    While many people suggest using keyword ladden domain names, I suggest you consider other options.

    Google updated their Page Rank algorithm and now count the number of hyphens used in the domain name and in the uniform resource identifier (URI). The URI is the portion after your domain name.

    Now, off to your initial question. The simple rule to follow is one page per keyword or one keyword per page. In either case, it's one to one.

    Once you develop your website, you'll need to get links to your webpages. Spice up things by using alternative words in your inbound links. Sticking with the same keyword in your link text sets off fireworks at the search engines alerting them to the spam situation.

    Another thing, ensure you cross link your webpages with appropriate keyword links inside your content. Don't depend upon your boilerplate navigation to support your seo needs.

    The idea your instructor has is based upon a funnel. Get people to one of your pages and then from there get them to your sale page. For additional help on this idea, you may want to click the link to the 6 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rates and read that article.
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      Wow, you have all the same questions I do at this point. My main problems are everything you mentioned, plus how to determine WHAT makes a kw good. How do you know if the keyword has too little competition? Are the 1000 searches you're talking about global or local?

      Bumping for (hopefully) more answers..
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        Originally Posted by nellterry View Post

        Wow, you have all the same questions I do at this point. My main problems are everything you mentioned, plus how to determine WHAT makes a kw good. How do you know if the keyword has too little competition? Are the 1000 searches you're talking about global or local?

        Bumping for (hopefully) more answers..
        You want global searches unless you want to specifically target a particular country. The money is in Global searches. Unless there is a good reason then go with global searches.

        What makes a keyword good:

        Of course the niche you pick has to be something that you can work with and write or buy articles for.

        Good number of searches, above 1000 and below 6600 is what I have been told. Not too high or you will get big competition.

        Low competition, search the keyword in Google and see how many sites are after that keyword. It's right below the search box to the right of the word SEARCH and looks like this "About 8,150,000 results (0.34 seconds)" Less than 50,000 is recommended by most people.

        Quality of competition is also important. If there are 10 sites firmly in place then you are going to have a hard job ranking up there. Get the free version of Traffic Travis v4.0 and under the SEO tab select the competition sub menu. put your keyword in there and click on FETCH. When it finishes on the far right view details. You will get a list of the top 10 sites for your keyword and how they are setup. You can search your keyword in Google and see the same 10 sites. You can also check the top 20 sites by setting it in advanced settings under the FETCH button, but the top 10 are the most important. I am told that unless you want to spend a lot of money avoid the keyword, if you look at the urls (to the left) and a lot of the sites have the keyword in their domain name, PR is above 3, BL (backlinks) (not BLS) is above 300, and on the far right there are a lot of green checkmarks, meaning SEO is done.

        Ability to monetize the keyword with on the same topic or close. You need to be able to find stuff to make money with. Search Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction and any other sources you can think of.

        Go to the URL below and sign up and do his videos. Very good basic info.
        Internet Marketing Bootcamp
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