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A lotta people get online and immediately get bombarded by all the "You WILL Be Rich Once You Do THIS" crap. Problem is, some of the people that spew this stuff out are pretty good at convincing you that its true. Then you find yourself spending WAY more money than you had ever bargained for, but not making anything in return.


You should not be coming out of pocket to sustain your business; as much as possible. Each expense of the business should be justified by the business; meaning, your business plan should be structured to sustain itself through its own operations.

This is the whole purpose, (well.. one of them, anyway), behind
incorporating your business. To separate personal assets/liabilities
from those of your business.

I can't see myself justified by giving you this criticism without offering up a viable solution, as well... so...

Here's something you should do. Someone else posted a thread; (which I
don't feel like looking for); that asked "what would you do with $600
on the Internet to make money?" (I'm paraphrasing, of course).. Anyway,
in that thread I posted some advice based on what I know "today"... and
you actually don't need the whole $600, but its good to have some

1. Go to this site ->

2. Search it for 3 to 4 books that relate to your chosen niche and
download them. Read through them and break the content up into chunks
that can be spread over about 6mths worth of eMail newsletter content.
Each eMail containing at least 200 words worth of content. Make sure to
"add your own voice" to this content series; as you really don't wanna
just spit out somebody else's material and appear to be something
you're not. Adding your own voice will also establish your personality
and a relationship with your readers.(free)

3. Go to this site ->

4. Download the free tool provided there; which is a too specifically
created to help you organize the writing of an autoresponder series.

5. Start building your series from the content above and be sure to frequently save your progress.

6. Go to this site -> ClickBank

7. Search the MarketPlace for products that compliment your niche and
autoresponder series to be used as "Ads" in your autoresponder series.
BE SURE these products are "quality products". You don't necessarily
need to buy them in order to make an educated assumption that they're
quality. You also have this forum to bounce information off of for
reviews from those that have already purchased the products.

7a. You could possibly even find yourself in a position to create a
couple of JV's based on featuring those willing to give testimonials
for said products IN your newsletter. (Remember, "the hustler
mentality". The hustler's eyes are ALWAYS open).

7b. I shouldn't have to tell you this, but be sure to open a Seller's Account at ClickBank so you can actually make money.

7c. DO NOT post these products in your newsletter with the voice that
you're 'endorsing them' IF you haven't actually purchased them. As an
alternative, just post them as "Please check out our Sponsor's
Offerings"; or something along those lines. NEVER "lie" to your people!

8. Get yourself a gMail Account and study the sections on POP access
and how to set it up. Nothing over the top technically. Pay attention
and you'll have no problems.

9. Go to this site -> FollowUp Expert

9a. Opt for the $50 personal version. Set the software up on your PC;
(granted you're on a Windows OS computer -- if you're on a MAC, then
you're gonna have to do some research for a comparable product, I don't
know of one); and attach it to your gMail account.

9c. The FollowUp Expert site has information on how to do this; read and you'll have little to no problems.


10. Once you have all of the above accomplished and only then go to this site ->

ListOpt is a co-reg site; which means HE will build your
Opt-In list FOR you, (for a price, of course). This site is used by
"gurus", (I have actual confirmation from a couple of them, to this
fact)... so you can trust it and Glen.

10a. You're lucky! I just checked and Glen is currently running a
special offer where you're saving money (a lot, actually -- he normally
charges $97mth). Just make sure you're paying to get your list built.
Read all the information there and they'll point you in the right

10b. Glen's site has information on how to set up an "auto import" function for the lists info he gives you.

11. As you can see, I'm not going to do the work FOR you, but you're
now pointed in the RIGHT direction to put an easy business model
together that is pretty much on auto-pilot that WILL (IF you do it with
integrity and focus factoring in your "hustler gene") more than likely
make you some money through ClickBank sales.

11a. Wash, Rinse, Repeat...

There ya go... why are you still sitting here reading this??

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    Thanks tecHead!

    I really didn't know about XMailWrite!
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    Thanks for the info techead. It has been very helpful for me.
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    Thanks for the great post.

    Does list op work in any niche?
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    Really good post here. I believe you will get results by following this method step by step. How much easier can it get? Will get down doing it right away. Thanks techead.
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