Out of All WSOs and Reports, Which One Has Been the Easiest for you to Implement?

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It is said that many people buy report, after report, after report....
Once they start taking action, they hit a technical (or other) type of obstacle and eventually move on to the next shiny report.

I'd like this thread to be helpful for those who keep moving from one report to another. If anyone has FINALLY found a WSO to be a no-brainer AND has given you results, please join in and talk about it.
NOTE: Of course, just because something may be easy for person A, doesn't mean it will also be easy for person B. Nevertheless, let's try to generalize a bit and point out the "overall" easiest techniques/reports you've stumbled upon.

In my case, the only WSOs i have ever implemented are the ones related to Kindle. And yeah, im seeing results alright ($700+ per month so far). They're easy and dont require you to learn something monumentally technical beforehand.

-Does anyone have a similar story?
-Which report has proven easiest for you?
-What exactly made it accessible?
-Did you have real difficulty with any part of it? If so, what was it?

Let's talk.
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    I had a friend work for Best Buy's support center once. She had a customer call and ask, "I was wanting to know if you could tell me all the models of the laptops you sold, the specs on all of them and what are their prices." My friend answered, "Ummmm... YES."

    Out of thousands of WSOs and even more WF members, you're not going to get any sort of cohesion. Not to mention, I'm sure that spouting off specific WSOs would be considered promotion, which isn't allowed in other sections of the forum.

    That notwithstanding, though, how much success a WSO (or any info-product) yields is up to the user - the time willing to spend, the resources available, the strengths and weaknesses, etc. etc. etc.

    While I admit there are some sellers who can't teach for sh*t, it's far more likely that some people never get out of their comfort zone and expect to be spoonfed. Then if the money doesn't appear in their Paypal account after reading it, they forget about that report and move on...

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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    I'm currently doing Kenster's Six Figure Alliance and its fantastic. A couple guys I can recommend that put out great products are Kenster, Martin (Icun), Maria Gudellis and Petter Beattie. There are other great WSO creators out there but these guys put out great stuff.
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    The problem is that the people who had success with WSO's, the difference between them and you is NOT the WSO itself, but the action they took on it.

    This thread has already been done many times over.
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