Making $$$ with photoshop skills?

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What would be the way to go to make $$$ with good photoshop skills online?

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    I would start here ->
    Take a look around. It's very easy to get started, and the site looks to be doing well.
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    You can design WordPress themes. Pretty good money in that niche.

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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    thanks guys,

    fiver seems to get hard into these days because there is soooo much competition..

    Designing WP themes might be a little to much for me right now

    But thanks for the tips tho
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      Originally Posted by madscientist View Post

      thanks guys,

      fiver seems to get hard into these days because there is soooo much competition..

      Designing WP themes might be a little to much for me right now

      But thanks for the tips tho
      It just seems like it, but it's not really true. You can find a lot of design gigs on Fiverr, but if you know what you are doing, you should not have problems to get sales.

      I would suggest you to offer design work on odesk, freelancer or here on WF. The suggestion about designing WP themes is also a very good idea. You can then build a website where you sell those graphics.

      Or there is one more think, you can build a website where you give away free graphics (icons, shapes, animated subjects...) and monetize it with some premium packages.

      If you are a good designer, it shouldn't be any problem for you to make money from it. Just remember always provide value and have great customers service.
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        If you are not that good at photoshop, you can try fiverr.
        For Wordpress Themes you actually need coding (dev) skills.

        The answer here is 99designs.
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    Check out Odesk, too. It will be easier to get a higher price point for your work, if you have the credentials and job history to back it up.
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    Thank you all for the useful tips! I was also thinking about this issue! You helped me a lot!
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    As long as you are good and passionate with your work you will be able to make money out of it. Try at fiverr, odesk, here in the warriors for hire section, freelance sites, etc - options that have been said above already.
    Signature - various video animation services in both 2d and 3d
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    You can start on Fiverr and go onto more profitable sites like Freelancer or Elance.
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    Sell your services on Fiverr or other forums. Maybe even start a WSO here?
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    Why are people recommending Fiverr?
    There are a lot of better ways.

    Here is what I would do if I were good with photoshop and graphic designing. Focus on ads. Study a bit on how to create ads that are attention grabbing.

    Go through a site like
    Go through various facebook ads and start swiping the good ones.

    Then create a portfolio. Design ads for 5 friends for free. Because without a portfolio, you won't be hired.

    Once you have your portfolio - start emailing people and networks who buy ads on various websites.
    Advertising agencies.
    Ad tracking scripts and solutions.
    Ad placement services.

    Let them know that you provide white label services. That you will work for their clients - but under their brand name. You'll be able to charge higher rates than fiverr or elance etc. And you'll have more work than you can manage.

    Why banner ads and not something like logo? Because of repeat sales. Clients who advertise a lot will keep on buying banner ads. And run various split tests.

    Are you frustrated with the internet marketing b.s. out there where you have to sieve through 10 good articles to find 1 good actionable idea? Then bookmark : a community curated link sharing website for internet marketers. Save your time and read only the best internet marketing articles and ideas.

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    So many good ideas and suggestions! Thanks everyone so so much!

    I'm definitely gonna work on a portfolio!
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    Fivver - Ehh don't sell your self short.
    Its good for small projects, but if your looking for those high paying projects, head over to

    Best Regards, Mikal Laster
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    I would sell graphics here in the Warriorforum (designing salesletters etc.)
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      If you're good with graphics, perhaps start your own website and offer your services?

      May take a while to gain momentum, but if you're pretty decent and at a nice price, people will hopefully spread the word.

      And like others have mentioned, try some freelancing sites.
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    Sell it on WSO.

    Here are my ideas

    #1 You can draw chibi characters with an empty speech bubble. Buyers can add in any text they want. I saw before one WSO with a cool templates that have a chibi einstein-like professor convincing you to buy, It looks really cool

    #2 Make a ready PSD graphic editor file. Lately people are using image texts for their WSO. Make PSD which can be editted in GIMP. Make various cool text PSD around 50, so they have variety to choose from. Make highlights PSD which can be drag into the text for a cool highlight effect. Make underline PSD, which can be drag under the text for a cool underline effect. Make testimonial borders, they can add reviewers pictures and text inside. Make money back guarantee border PSD, they can add their own text and set the money back time to 15 days, 30 days or 60 days. Make some cool call-to-actions arrow calling them to click the buy button.

    Last but not least, make a few videos to teach them how to customize their PSD files.

    #3 Make eCover action scripts. There are a lot selling out there but it cost for like more than $70. Make various eCover action script like ebook cover, package cover, srapebook cover, binder book cover, CD cover, Envelope, etc. And sell it at low price.
    Of course, make videos to teach them how to use it.

    Here ya go, just my ideas.

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